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Natural World

Beluga whale mimics human voice

10-23-2012 | 26

Scientists have identified a beluga whale capable of producing eerily human-like vocalizations.

Natural World

Whale shark filmed sucking fish out of net

 VIDEO  7-17-2012 | 21

Some whale sharks have developed the unique ability to suck fish straight out of the fishermen's nets.

Natural World

Beached whale found 800 metres ashore

10-1-2011 | 38

A beached whale found in an estuary almost 1km from the sea has left marine experts perplexed.

Natural World

Biggest fish could be even bigger

 VIDEO  2-9-2011 | 12

Whale sharks could prove to be even bigger than first thought at over 20 metres in length.


Whale had largest predatory teeth ever

7-1-2010 | 21

A massive whale that lived up to 13 million years ago had the largest predatory teeth ever discovered.

Natural World

Whales are polite conversationalists

10-29-2009 | 0

A group of marine biologists have developed a new tool that can detect and identify the sounds made by individual whales...

Natural World

Killer whales visit 'social clubs'

8-13-2009 | 7

It has been revealed that Killer whales visit their own type of social clubs much the same way as humans do with congreg...

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