Friday, October 15, 2021
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Natural World

Weird, limbless amphibians found in the US

8-5-2021 | 4

Scientists have discovered an ancient species of worm-like amphibian in Florida for the first time.

Space & Astronomy

Real-life wormholes may not be that far-fetched

5-24-2021 | 14

It might sound like science fiction, but the idea of linking two black holes together actually does have some merit.

Natural World

Iridescent 'Elvis worms' discovered on sea floor

 VIDEO  5-17-2020 | 5

Researchers have identified four species of bizarre deep-sea worm that have been named after Elvis Presley.


Meet one of mankind's earliest ancestors

3-26-2020 | 5

Scientists have identified a worm-like creature that thrived on our planet some 555 million years ago.

Science & Technology

Scientists extend lifespan of worms by 500%

1-12-2020 | 11

A new study has found that a few simple genetic changes can make worms live much, much longer.

Natural World

Worm with 3 sexes discovered in Mono Lake

9-29-2019 | 6

Scientists have discovered a new microscopic worm species in one of the oldest lakes in North America.

Space & Astronomy

Physicists explain how to create a wormhole

8-31-2019 | 7

Astrophysicists have published a set of instructions explaining how to make a do-it-yourself wormhole.

Natural World

Tiny worm makes insanely loud popping sound

 VIDEO  7-16-2019 | 3

A worm measuring a mere 29mm long makes one of the loudest sounds heard anywhere in the animal kingdom.

Natural World

Scientists discover shipworm that eats rock

 VIDEO  6-21-2019 | 8

Given that shipworms are typically known to chew through wood, the find came as something of a surprise.


Tracks of earliest mobile organism discovered

2-13-2019 | 3

Scientists have identified the fossilized tracks of a worm-like organism that lived 2.1 billion years ago.

Natural World

Divers encounter giant worm-like 'creature'

 VIDEO  11-13-2018 | 9

Two divers came across something extraordinary during a recent excursion off the coast of New Zealand.


Weird 'rat-worm' shows up on woman's porch

 VIDEO  7-28-2018 | 21

Footage showing a weird creature wriggling around on the floor has gone viral after being uploaded online.

Science & Technology

42,000-year-old worms revived in Russia

7-26-2018 | 6

Russian scientists claim that they have successfully revived ancient worms that were frozen in permafrost.

Space & Astronomy

Are black holes actually colliding wormholes?

6-18-2018 | 8

Scientists have put forward the possibility that what we think of as a black hole may be something else entirely.

Natural World

Giant predatory worms have invaded France

5-22-2018 | 16

Scientists have warned that huge worms up to 40cm long have been silently invading French gardens.


Wormlike creature is 'strange beyond measure'

12-3-2017 | 5

Scientists in China have discovered one of the most peculiar prehistoric organisms ever found.

Science & Technology

Earthworms can reproduce in Martian soil

11-28-2017 | 29

The results of a recent experiment suggest that the soil on Mars is likely to be suitable for agriculture.

Science & Technology

Scientists develop bizarre worm-like robot

 VIDEO  7-22-2017 | 7

Stanford University researchers have built a robot that can literally worm its way around anything.

Natural World

First ever living giant shipworms discovered

 VIDEO  4-18-2017 | 10

A team of researchers have located a live colony of huge prehistoric molluscs in the Philippines.


Prehistoric worm with huge jaws discovered

2-23-2017 | 9

Scientists have identified a previously unknown species of primordial giant worm with huge snapping jaws.

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