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Hyper speed aircraft

December 17, 2016 | Comment icon 6 comments

Image Credit: CC BY 2.0 Jason Rogers
This story was submitted to the site by Hazzardpro1 from Lake Tahoe, United States.
I was with a few friends floating on the waters of Lake Tahoe on the Fourth of July, I think it was 1999. It was an hour or so after the fireworks ended and as I was laying down on the deck something moving through the sky caught my eye. It was a vapor trail, and it was moving across the sky at unbelievably high speeds.
It had to be traveling ten times faster than any aircraft I have ever seen. The object creating the vapor trail was not visible, no lights. We could only see it because the moon was illuminating the vapor trail. It was not a meteor, it didn't break up or flash, and it traveled from horizon to horizon. There was no sonic boom either. But because it was leaving a vapor trail, it was still within the atmosphere, not in low earth orbit. All of us watched it cross the sky.

I am a flying enthusiast, with enough knowledge and experience to understand that what I was looking at was going much faster than anything known to the public. Some of us thought it was a UFO, but I don't. I think it was advanced human technology, a secret plane of some kind. Aurora perhaps? Whatever it was, it was real, it was fast, and it was awesome!

Comments (6)

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Comment icon #1 Posted by MissJatti 6 years ago
Shooting star
Comment icon #2 Posted by XenoFish 6 years ago
Key words in bold. I'm guess the submitter had a few too many beers and fireworks became ufo's.
Comment icon #3 Posted by NCC1701 6 years ago
Maybe it was a venting event from a spaceship. Releasing gasses from a fuel tank or so. The moon is not bright enough to highlight the spaceship itself but the gasses are visible.
Comment icon #4 Posted by kurt21 5 years ago
That could have been the Space Shuttle returning to Florida for landing.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Timonthy 5 years ago
'and it traveled from horizon to horizon. There was no sonic boom either. But because it was leaving a vapor trail, it was still within the atmosphere' B1: 'horizon to horizon': From your frame of reference;†What elevation? Which direction?†How long did it take? It's possible to estimate the speed this way.† Also, was it a curved or straight flight path?† B2: 'no sonic boom': That would be expected if it had already broken the sound barrier.† B3: 'vapor trail': Something close to Earth, which doesn't enter the atmosphere, can still leave an illuminated trail.† Did I miss why there are no photo... [More]
Comment icon #6 Posted by ChrLzs 5 years ago
So, July 4, Lake Tahoe, just after fireworks. To me that means a LOT of people not only looking up but also with cameras, some probably still on tripods. And from that, one report, no photos....?

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