Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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UFO flies over home

Posted on 5-28-2019 | Comment icon 2 comments

By: Skywatcherypsi2019 | Location: Ypsilanti, Mi

Image Credit: PD Max Pixel
Halloween night 2009 started out as a typical October night. I was having a large campfire in my backyard with a group of family and friends. Around midnight we were enjoying the Autumn air and the clear starlight sky. Suddenly, it all changes.

The black sky suddenly became brilliantly bluish white. Coming from the west to the east. The light slowly covered my entire yard! I looked toward the park next to my home, there was a distinct line. White on the grass near my home and blackness everywhere else including the woods.

We all were blinded by this unnatural light source otherwise. As the source of light grew closer to us, every thing behind it was normal. I could see my neighbors house across the street. The object blocked out the stars directly above us it hovered...no sound.

We were terrified. Then it turned into a yellow ball of light and zipped over the woodland behind us and disappeared! Strange lights were seen in the woods later that same morning around 2:30. These lights have continued to this day to be seen in the woods.

Also, I have recorded many objects in the sky around our house for nearly even year! I am a Army Veteran, I know what I continue to see and record are not man made objects.

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Comment icon #1 Posted by Alien Origins on 28 May, 2019, 12:54
No photo or video? All we have is his deion of the event.
Comment icon #2 Posted by Timothy on 30 May, 2019, 6:40
These stories are the most annoying thing on UM for me. Apparently the author gets notified of it being posted, but they hardly ever show up to join in any discussion afterwards...

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