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Trapped and chased

Posted on 2-9-2018 | Comment icon 4 comments

By: Juanita | Location: Saskatchewan canada

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I was raised in a 4 person family , single patented. My mother has a phychic gift and we were always aware of ghosts entities etc. She had seances and would try to help you understand things in your life that may have been influenced by past life experiences. She could absorb images from jewellery and could tell you the sex of unborn children. She was very very good at it. So we were never afraid because she was careful and kept us away from any danger. However, years later she had a very very bad episode during a seance where a entity attempted to overtake her body and she quit. We moved away from that life in Ontario Canada and trekked west towards B.C.. our van broke down in Saskatchewan. We eventually found a townhouse.

At about this time my elder sister (4 years older) began to dabble in the dark arts. She would sit for hours in her room practicing or conjuring, which led to my most horrific experience. It was late as I enjoyed listening to radio shows it was the 70's. This night I was fully awake as I had not laid down yet. I heard what sounded like many many people speaking. At first I couldn't understand any of what was said but it all became very clear. I looked out my window, which looked over a courtyard which was very well lit and my room was very bright. My curtains were open. As I discovered there was no one outside, I became suddenly aware I could clearly hear exactly what these voices were saying. It was hundred of voices thousands all saying' come with me' 'come with us' 'we want you to come -come with us be with us you are mine!' I spun around and the noise no longer was far away it was in my room by my closet and was forming into a black SWIRLING EVIL MASS! It was pure evil and it wanted

I was stricken with fear but knew I had to get out of that room if I wanted to live! It was getting more menacing more evil and as I realized this it realized my intent. I knew I had to run up the stairs to my mother's room. She could make this all stop but I had to get past this thing this evil horrific entity. As I thought this it also seemed to realize what I'd planned to do As I bolted across my room to the open door it changed: it seemed more solid and the voices were dwindling into one raspy growl that kept saying over and over 'your belong here with me...come to will be mine.'
I ran as hard as I was capable but my movements were lethargic to me. Heavily, grasping the handrails as I stumbled up the stair actively being chased by the mass hearing that voice I was terrified - I reached the landing to the next set of stairs. Directly at the top of the short flight of stairs was my sister's room. Directly above mine. The noise was so loud I could no longer hear real life. It was in my head...had he got me? No! Thankfully I hurled myself up the last 3 stairs and as I stepped on the hallway floor - my mind racing - noise in my head I looked towards my mothers room only to see my brother with what I realized later was the same crazed look in his eyes that were obviously in mine. He had been experiencing the same horrible event! We were very close my brother and I and I knew he had the same idea as I - to wake our mother - she could fix this. I began to run down the hall towards my wild eyed brother voices still screaming and I couldn't get to the end. The hall seemed very very very long - I couldn't get any closer but endured until all of a sudden I was running full speed into my mothers room - my brother on my heels. What happens next was so crazy so insane and terrifying I thought we were goners.

At my mother's bed we screamed, shook, struggled with her sleeping body deeply heavier than her usual sleep. Both my brother and I were screaming shaking doing everything we could we even slapped her. After what seemed an eternity she suddenly woke up and as her eyes flew open everything stopped! Nothing! She surmised that this was either the entity that tried to overcome her or my sister had developed some very evil stuff that needed to end.

We spoke of this over the years with my mother saying she heard nothing, it was the slapping that eventually worked but it did not stop the events. My brother and I suffered many events at this house. My mother did a serious change and began seeking out religions in an attempt to bring us into a safer life.

To this day when I tell this story I wring my hands sweat and tears will well up in my eyes. Being chased by evil is not something you are ever going to forget.

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Comment icon #1 Posted by Piney on 9 February, 2018, 13:29
Ah, a "bad mechanic" mucking with the earthbound. Any real psychic wouldn't play with earthbound spirits. 
Comment icon #2 Posted by quiXilver on 9 February, 2018, 15:39
"always remember... just because they don't have a body, doesn't mean they're nice... or smart." ~me
Comment icon #3 Posted by Mumbo Gumbo on 10 February, 2018, 4:17
I wouldn't mess around with the spirit world. You may be opening up something You don't want or expect.
Comment icon #4 Posted by quiXilver on 10 February, 2018, 16:32
I interact regularly with the unseen and the formless.  I haven't experienced it as inherently dangerous, yet there are places, just like when hiking in the woods, it's good to have a walking partner, or, to always keep one's wits tuned, for potential hazards...  though usually, it's just a walk in the woods. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water. 

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