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True Ghost Stories

The strangest occurrence of my life

February 23, 2018 | Comment icon 1 comment

Image Credit: CC BY-SA 2.0 kalleboo
This story was submitted to the site by Spoilsbag from Anaheim, CA.
So I don't recall the weather much, or for that matter anything else out of the ordinary, in particular which, in of itself, is quite strange, because I'm rather good at pinpointing certain details in my experiences to allow me to recollect a proper date and time. Especially, if it's something of importance.

Regardless, I remember this with clarity because of how baffled I was over the whole situation, and terrified out of my mind when I ran out of my home to get my father:

I remember the sun was kind of hot and murky in the sky (it was like it was setting all day, so maybe a fire or something) I don't quite recall the time, but I might have skipped school because I was the only kid home.

I was still in elementary, likely in sixth grade, because I remember I would often choose to be home alone during that particular time in my life. My father was over, technically visiting us, and was further down the street from my apartment complex, fixing his car (he was temporarily staying with us while he got a new apartment). My grandmother was out, my mother was rarely home, and my siblings were all at school, most likely.

I remember going into the kitchen to grab a snack. I had been watching tv in the living room at the time, and then the phone rang. I pick it up... and there is literally, pure static. I go 'well that's strange,' hang up and commence doing what I was planning to do in the kitchen. Then it rings again. And again, I go to pick it up static. At his point I'm obviously a little scared, as any sixth grader might be, so my mind just starts making me anxious.

I just hung up again, and watch the phone a little. Finally, it rings a third time and I when I answer this time, I hear the muffled voice of a woman, spouting out a sort of number code, and a few words that I honestly couldn't make out. She was speaking behind the static, and at some point it just kept repeating, and I started to get scared again, and then the static got super loud so I just abruptly hung up on her. At this moment, every light in the house went super bright, and every tv in the house suddenly turned on, volume all the way up, and I mean LOUDLY, and every station was just static. I went from tv to tv (scared out of my mind) to turn the volume down and the TVs off but the sudden realization that it had been all of the TVs in the house scared the living -you know what- out of me, so I just freaking ran.
I ran the whole way to my father, and started Justin flipping out. He was like 'Okay, okay, calm down... let's go then.' He said that all exasperated now that I remember (he was already having a long day). I told him what was going on and he just kept looking at me like there might be some validity to my experience.

When we got back, all the damn TVs were off, and so were the lights, and it was just quiet. Not even a moment afternoon we had stepped in, we see my grandmother coming home, too. I asked her if she had gone in prior to coming home at that moment she said no. My father is obviously getting skeptical now, but I tell him all nd my grandmother what had happened.

He goes to text the TVs, and they were back to their regular stations, and the light in the kitchen had still turned on. So everything was working perfectly fine. He was still worried about me, because I just look horrified when I saw him. So he and my grandmother urged me to never answer the phone if I was home alone, and that if anything else, strange happened to me to tell him immediately.

To this day, I havent got the slightest clue what the heck happened that day. I even forgot about it as I got older, but every now and then I recall it and I just get the goosebumps talking about it. It really is strange, and I really really want to know if anyone else has had this happen to them Or if they know anything about these phenomena that happened to me. If they're familiar with any experiences or theories, that would be much appreciated.

In any case, thank you. I still have no idea why that happened to me. It was so terrifying. I've seen a ufo before, when I was much younger, and have recently seen a shadow spirit, but other than that, I've only ever suffered from sleep paralysis, and insomnia. Nothing too out of the ordinary has happened in my life in regards to paranormal activity (a poltergeist once, but we believe it was tied to the house we were living in). Some nightmares here and there. I'd be welcome to divulge if there's any interest (but theyre mostly typical, with the exception of the abduction like one, which gave me legitimate paranoia for months).

But yeah, thank you for any of your help. :)

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Comment icon #1 Posted by Relam 4 years ago
Man this seems unreal, no offence. But that lights flashing and phone is so similar to Stranger things, if you didnt watch that serie go watch it maybe you find something similar.

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