Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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Feel something on side of bed

Posted on 8-9-2018 | Comment icon 2 comments

By: GGma | Location: USA

Sometimes at night I am awakened by the feel of someone sitting on the edge of the bed. My husband often falls asleep in his recliner and sometimes doesn't come to bed till the wee hours of the night.

When he does, I reach out and take his hand and he squeezes mine and says goodnight.

But every now and then, when I feel someone sitting on the edge of my husbands side of the bed, I reach out my hand and no one is there! This has been going on for years.

I am not scared silly and have never felt anything threatening or malevolent. I just go back to sleep.

2 weeks ago I was suddenly awakened by a weight of some sort being dropped on my feet. Turned the light on... nothing there.

What the heck was that? Again... not scared, just can't figure this out.

Comments (2)

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Comment icon #1 Posted by papageorge1 on 9 August, 2018, 22:51
It seems a lot of people have similar experiences and probably more than you think. One possibility is a non-physical visitor. Any suspicions or sense of who it could be? Of course there is also the normal phenomena of dream/hallucination and that you are just imaging the visitor.
Comment icon #2 Posted by MissJatti on 10 August, 2018, 15:17
Sense of loneliness can make you imagine things that are not necessarily there

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