Thursday, February 21, 2019
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3 knocks, 3 nights...

Posted on 8-12-2018 | Comment icon 6 comments

By: M | Location: San Fernando Valley, CA

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Opinions or theories or explanations anyone?

A little over two years ago my mom, son, and I moved into my brothers rental house. From the beginning it always felt a little off to me. Like the cliched "I felt like I wasn't alone" thing. It started off with me seeing black shadows out of the corner of my eyes when I'd walk by different rooms.

Then it progressed into me waking up to a black shadowy figure that would come running towards me (since then they don't come aggressively towards me they more or less just stand in my closet door way but if they do walk/move around they just walk in front of my bed or walk to within a foot of me and stop).

The creepiest part for me though was the knocking that started happening. It happened around 10 times give or take. Never a specific day, just a specific time. It always seemed to happen around 11:30pm and then again around 1:30ish am when I was home. Or around 8pm or 9pm when it was just my mom and son home. It would knock three times. Three loud, slow knocks..and would do it 3 times. So a total of 9 knocks (each set is 3 with about one or two seconds in between each individual knock and 5 seconds or so between each set).

Some nights it would happen once and other nights it would happen twice and always in the same area of the house. The knocks were so loud and carried through the house so much that it would wake both my mom and son up and they would come running out of their rooms because it scared them that much.

But the strangest part is we own 3 dogs..3 dogs that will bark at a leaf if it hits the ground too loudly or if you hit the coffee table because they will mistake it for someone knocking on our door. Yet every single time these knocks happened they didn't even hear them because they didn't bark or react in the slightest way. One of the dogs was right next to where the knocking came from and he didn't even wake up.

The dogs have also started to just stare at the stares in the hall in the living room and will stare for a while to the point of you having to get up and clap in their face to get their attention or snap them back to reality.

Am I just imagining things and being overly paranoid or is it something/someone else?

Comments (6)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Devgru on 28 August, 2018, 5:18
Sounds like you have demonic activity. Knocking in threeís to mock the holy Trinity. I donít know if you are spiritual or religious!? I consider myself a Bible believer and not a Christian per se, and when I rebuke something like that in the name of Jesus Christ, it always disappears and stops bothering me.† They sure love to annoy us!†
Comment icon #2 Posted by Mr.United_Nations on 29 August, 2018, 14:15
3 knocks has nothing to do with relgion. But different ethnic backgrounds
Comment icon #3 Posted by Legendarren on 25 September, 2018, 17:04
I run a paranormal podcast called Snipe Hunt: Frightening Folklore. I am looking for stories to include in† a series called Real Encounters (working title) and I was wondering if I could get your permission to read your story in the podcast?
Comment icon #4 Posted by danydandan on 25 September, 2018, 18:05
If you really want something interesting for a podcast. You should investigate stories about Jack in the Latern encounters from Country Kerry, Ireland, in particular around Portmagee and Valencia Island. I've heard at least four generations of these stories. Many people have had sightings or encountered it. Issue is I'm a physicist, and generally skeptical about stuff, so I don't know if these stories are just drunken memories or something else. However the amount of stories from different people is alarming. These go back well before the invention of the flying machines we have now and what's... [More]
Comment icon #5 Posted by Legendarren on 25 September, 2018, 19:17
Thanks for the topic suggestion! I'll definitely look into it.
Comment icon #6 Posted by Ancded on 27 December, 2018, 9:47
Sorry I finally found this site again it took le forever! You are more than welcome to if you are still interested...and I have 6 or 7 other terrifying experiences as well

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