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True Ghost Stories

Two experiences

October 31, 2018 | Comment icon 1 comment

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This story was submitted to the site by coco from Pryor, OK.
While standing at the counter in the kitchen cutting things up for dinner I saw a young man standing about 10 feet away in the dining room. He was solid and he didn't seem to notice me. His hair was to his shoulders and he had a beard. He was wearing jeans a tee shirt with a red flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

I didn't dare turn my head to look at him straight on because I knew as soon as I did he would disappear. He stood there for a minute or so until I finally looked. Then he was gone. The house was built in the 70's and he looked like he was from that era.
A few months after a severe emotional trauma I was sitting on my bed and 3 friends came over. 2 of them sat on the edge of the bed and 1 stood by the door that was halfway open. When I looked at her to say something there was a little girl standing behind the door. She looked to be 7 or 8, dressed in black, black hair that hung in her face, she was so white. She looked almost like a charcoal drawing but real.

She was there 2 or 3 seconds then she was gone. I have never suspected my house to be haunted. I truly believe I saw her because my brain was trying to adjust to the loss I had just suffered a few weeks before. All I know for sure is she was one creepy little chickie.

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Comment icon #1 Posted by papageorge1 4 years ago
Sounds within the boundaries of a million and one other experiences of normal people. Nowadays with the internet giving us more ability to share information, I am more and more convinced that the paranormal is 'rare' but that it is also 'not all that rare'. I now tend to think experiences by sensible and normal seeming people like the OP person are more likely than not to be genuinely paranormal.† So, thanks for sharing. Got to love this universe

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