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I saw a shadow figure...

September 26, 2019 | Comment icon 5 comments

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This story was submitted to the site by Ben from Australia .
I was semi-astranged from my dad. In November 2018 I had argument with my dad, and told him I never wanted to see him again. I really meant it. We never communicated beyond that.

On Monday morning 18/3/19 I was walking back to my car in the local shopping centre car park. The car was isolated in the car park. Sitting on my car were 5 black crows. There were no crows on the ground, or in the air. All 5 were just setting on my car, looking at me as I approached. I felt a mild panic, and went to take a pic (as it was pretty creepy... and a picture is better than words). I decided not to... as I did not want to 'validate the scene'.

On that same Monday afternoon (18/3/19) at about 3:30pm saw a large shadow figure. It was down the hallway silhouetted against an white open door. I felt something looking at me, I looked up to meet its gaze... and it darted quickly to it's left into a bedroom. I freaked, and went top to toe looking for the 'intruder' in the house. There was nothing there. It was taller than the door, skinny and hooded. It kinda looked like a skinny grim reaper... with no reaping tool. I mentioned it to my nurse in conversation at work on Tuesday and Wednesday.... and plucked up the courage to tell my wife about it on the Thursday.

Inexplicably... I experienced some chest pain in the car on the way to work on the Thursday morning.

All week I inexplicably had motorbike themes going on in my head. I was humming a motor bike song, and was looking to watch 'the world's fastest indian'. I have a friend who lost his daughter in a car crash. I see him perhaps once every 2 yrs. That week, inexplicably, I visited him 3 times.
On Thursday and Friday evening, I went to text my dad to make amends... but didn't.

On the Saturday 23/3/19, my dad fell off his motor bike and was killed.

There was discussion afterwards that Dad had had chest pains... particularly on the Thursday morning

My wife only last week opened her Facebook messenger. She found an 'I'm sorry' message from my dad. He had sent it on Monday 18/3/19 at 5:14pm (within 2 hours of me seeing that big bloody shadow figure).

All that stuff simply HAS to be linked to my dads death. I wasn't drunk, I don't do drugs, I have no mental illness... and all this stuff happened.

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Comment icon #1 Posted by papageorge1 4 years ago
Good story and to me the mostly likely understanding is that you were still psychically connected with your estranged father and these connections at troubling times were coming to you in 'signs'. I am 100% convinced by now that the universe is interconnected in ways we can not understand with our normal physical-only way of thinking.
Comment icon #2 Posted by XenoFish 4 years ago
A guilty conscious can do some strange things to perception.
Comment icon #3 Posted by Demon82 3 years ago
Sim acredito plenamente em suas palavras, aconteceu-me algo semelhante, eu no via meu av quase 9anos, eu tinha 21estava em servio militar na altura, quando minha me me telefonou para dizer que ele tinha falecido, falei com meus superiores e fui at Casa para ir ao funeral do meu av.Estive no funeral dele vi ou padre fechar a urna e tudo mais. Como era pouco tarde e longe de casa dos meus pais decididos pernoitar na casa k dos meus avs, nessa mesma noite me levamos para o banheiro, e me deu o cheiro do tabaco de cachimbo algo que ele adorava fazer, e comeei a percorrer a casa no fosse q... [More]
Comment icon #4 Posted by Matt221 3 years ago
I was just gonna say that
Comment icon #5 Posted by Banggod 3 years ago
In my family going back generations was a great grandmother who would see a black dog at the end of her bed when someone died and before she was told about it. The universe that we are part of is connected. Your figure was no doubt death presenting Its self to you, your connection with everything. A great butsad story concerning your dad.

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