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Giant wolf in my basement

Posted on 9-28-2019 | Comment icon 7 comments

By: KitKat | Location: Connecticut

Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Monsterteeth
This happened to me when I was in elementary school. I grew up in a family home, the house my great-grandfather built for his growing family back in the 40-50's. I know for a fact that no one had died in the house, but I was always freaked out in it. The basement terrified me the most.

The two generations before my mom were hoarders, so when my mom and I moved back into her childhood home after my parents split, it was full of stuff. The basement was mainly used to store all of my great-grandfathers things since he passed a few months after my birth. This made the basement dark and cluttered, leaving creepy shadows everywhere.

My mom tried to clean it up a bit and make a play room for me. She also had a small work out bench that was next to this tiny boiler/heater thing.
One day, my friend and I were sitting in the basement playing with some of my dolls. I don't remember why, but I decided to take a break and sit in the workout bench. For some reason I turned my head to look into the empty space above this heater, but it wasn't empty. Instead there was this giant wolf's head in the space.

It looked like a normal grey wolf, or at least what I think a normal wolf looks like. It was just staring at me. I turned to my friend to see if she had reacted to it, but she was still enthralled by the dolls. I glanced back at the wolf, but it was snarling this time.

Needless to say I was terrified so I grabbed my friend and ran upstairs. I didn't tell her why we left in such a hurry because I didn't wanna scare her. It took me years to go back into the basement by myself. I told my mom and she just said it was a spirit guide or protector.

I don't know if she truly believed that or if she just wanted to make me feel better.

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Comment icon #1 Posted by papageorge1 on 28 September, 2019, 15:33
Wolves have considerable paranormal symbolism. Entities can take the form of wolves. Many people will tell you that your experience was just a child's imagination but it is interesting to me that you were so taken by this to be writing about it years later. To me, that increases the likelihood that more than imagination was involved.
Comment icon #2 Posted by Twas Brillig on 28 October, 2019, 7:34
You should ask your mother (if she is still alive) to elaborate on what she said about the guide/protector. How she came to have that understanding about the wolf spirit and why she may think that spirit took residence in your basement???
Comment icon #3 Posted by Jon the frog on 28 October, 2019, 11:27
My grand father said to me to always test a spirit with a twelve gauge, if it faint before you shot it's a prank, if he bleed after you shot it's a prank. If it didn't bleed, you are a bad shooter.
Comment icon #4 Posted by 'Walt' E. Kurtz on 28 October, 2019, 12:52
Crying wolf ? 
Comment icon #5 Posted by Tatetopa on 28 October, 2019, 21:23
I'll tell you a story about my wife as a girl.  When she was tiny, the family went to the grandparent' victorian house for a 50th anniversary celebration.   As a surprise, friends had a bagpiper show up to play.  He got ready in an upstairs bedroom then came down the stairs playing the pipes. My wife remembers being terrified. After that, she was certain the piper was a doll that was kept in the upstairs closet.  She would never sleep upstairs on visits, ever after that.   Of course it was many years later that she ever told anybody that was at the celebration what she thought and they could t... [More]
Comment icon #6 Posted by werewolfseeker on 29 October, 2019, 14:42
so is that the real picture from when you saw it because if so that's no ordinary wolf you saw its a werewolf trust me i know because i've seen one like it before when i was 12 i was walking in the woods on the night of the full moon on my way home and i heard a howl so i thought its just o dog at the house right off the trail i was on but then i heard something rustling in the bushes and i looked and nothing was there i heard it again so i started freaking out and started running i tripped and fell on the ground and i heard snarling and growling right behind me and when i looked there was not... [More]
Comment icon #7 Posted by Banggod on 26 November, 2019, 21:22
I believe these storys, I have my own. I've come to the conclusion that many things exist, if thats the right word, but we humans are for the most part cut off by our heavy material world. Life is a mystery and that's that. Us as consciousness is the totality of everything, has to be. But as humans we are mostly cut off.  Through our brains, we perceiving most of the time very little accept for what we consider the solid physical world. Nearly everyone I've spoken to and so many I've read about, have had at least one of these strange occurrences sometime in their life.

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