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Recent activity in my home

November 24, 2019 | Comment icon 5 comments

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This story was submitted to the site by KarenB14 from Kansas City, MO USA.
Recently a door slammed in my little house. But the door was already closed. We live in a small house and there are only 3 doors besides the main entry. 2 open, one closed. They each have a distinct sound.

When I investigated 2 still open, 1 still closed but cat looking very startled in another room napping.

A few minutes later I was washing dishes, cat still behind gate in another room napping and something jiggled the doorknob hard and long on same door I'd heard shut. Again nothing out of ordinary, door still shut.
Tonight I was walking down hall toward the rooms and the door jiggled and a roll of tape I'd put on the doorknob to put away later was flipping around. Cat sleeping. It takes force to flip the tape around...I tried it repeatedly.

No air moving. No earthquake. No trucks going by anywhere near us. We're on a quiet little lake away from traffic on a one lane road. Other person in house was watching TV in basement. It seems paranormal.

We'd had an entity here before but I thought she'd moved on. I called her by name, Mary Helen, when the door slammed and reminded her she doesn't live here anymore, that's it's our home now.

Any ideas?

Comments (5)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by papageorge1 3 years ago
Papameter  75% Paranormal       25% normal
Comment icon #2 Posted by freetoroam 3 years ago
How does the cat look very startled while napping? Cat still napping  Cat still napping. Yes,  your cat is the sensible one. As the cat stayed "napping" through errr,  a bit of wind.  Are you in a house boat?  
Comment icon #3 Posted by KarenB14 3 years ago
Well, cat in napping chair had head up and wide eyes then went back to napping. She's a very pudgy old lady of 17 and naps all the time and she lives in one room with a gate, sleeps in her own napping chair. It's the room across from the active room. No wind in the house. No, not in houseboat, our house just backs to the lake.  
Comment icon #4 Posted by jowasmus 3 years ago
You say "Mary Helen" had to be reminded that it's your house now. How did you get that across to her the 1st time? Why did she come back? I'm not a believer of the paranormal, but I understand what you meant about your cat napping. The sounds woke the cat up & it just went back to sleep thinking it wasn't anything too drastically abnormal.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Debra F. II 2 years ago
My husband & I hear our doors slam often, at all hours of the day and night. Along with other anomalies. I have security cameras and what I've seen during dark hours while the night vision is on, is that there are orbs just before and or during that appear on our cameras, sometimes our cameras are mysteriously disabled shortly after hearing the one door slam, it may be only for a few minutes up to 20 minutes and other times it just shows a distortion, or a temporary black out and one time we had a dark cloud mist like thing that came in and over the camera view. I am interested in learning... [More]

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