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True Ghost Stories

The houndsman

October 26, 2019 | Comment icon 2 comments

Image Credit: CC BY 2.0 Angell Williams
This story was submitted to the site by CyanideMachine from Michigan, USA.
Eleven years have passed since my encounter with an entity I can only call The Houndsman. The experience left me with many questions and a fair amount of terror, to this day i still don't have an answer as to what he wanted or why he appeared to me.

2008, July 17th, 02:45 - While staying the weekend with a friend, who I will refer to as R here in this passage, I decided to take a walk to the store. Being so very late only Gas stations and the like were open at this point, and the one I preferred to frequent was a moderate distance away. So I threw on some shoes and headed out for a drink and some snacks, taking the usual route brings me past the local high school, then a soccer field and then adjoining the fence at the end was the old cemetery. Now I've always believed in the paranormal and have had more than a few experiences with it, and there were a fair amount of 'urban legends' about the old cemetery. None of them mentioning the entity I encountered that night however.

As I was traveling down the side walk, I began to get a strange pressure in the pit of my stomach, and the hairs all over my body felt like live wires. I tried to ignore it and keep walking but the sensation grew from intense to unbearably extreme, so I stopped and took a look around.

When I looked through the iron fence around the cemetery I laid my eyes on one of the most frightening entities I have ever encountered. He was standing at the intersection of the roads that went from the gate to the back of the property.
The figure was the shape of a man, however he was almost seven feet tall, wore a wide brimmed dark leather hat, and a dark leather trench coat. He wore black leather gloves, and had chains strung about him in various spots. His skin was pale and grey, in his left hand he held the ends of two very thick chains, and at the other end were what looked dogs but were the size of a small horse each, they were incredibly thickly muscled had orange glowing eyes, and a faint red aura around them.

His right hand held what looked like a machete. When I looked at him he lifted his head and I could now see the face that was hidden by the hat before. His face was beautiful and hauntingly evil. He had perfect angular features, eyes that seemed blacker than coal, there were street lights but it seemed like they were empty. He locked eyes with me and I heard him start to cackle, laughing the kind of laugh that says I know you want to run and I know you know it won't do any good. His teeth were like a sharks teeth, all pointed and his mouth seemed to overflow with them.

He tightened his grip on the chains and started walking towards me, he got about five steps away, the whole time his 'dogs' were snarling and pulling at their end of the chains while he just walked a slow casual pace, and right before he took the next step he seemed to just evaporate into mist, leaving behind a stench of sulphur and decay, like rotten eggs and (pardon the graphic description here) roadkill left on the highway in the middle of July.

The smell was stuck in my nose for four days, and I had nightmares for a month after. And every now and again I catch a whiff of the same smell from eleven years ago, and wonder if he's ever really left or if he's waiting for something.

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Comment icon #1 Posted by papageorge1 3 years ago
Wow, it sounds like a negative energy for sure. Papameter  55% Paranormal  45% Normal or Hoax
Comment icon #2 Posted by Banggod 3 years ago
The smell of sulphur or rotten egg, roadkill after decay, is common in Yowie, Bigfoot sightings. The exact deion you give. No one has ever been able to prove the existence of these creatures around the world yet so many have seen them. The same smell can be attributed at times to landing areas of UFOs. Other sightings of strange appearances have described this smell. I believe this smell is caused by these beings etc. coming through to our dimension. It's as if there is some kind of electrical disturbance created as the parallel dimensions fuse. As if the speed of molicules or atoms, Im no phy... [More]

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