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Creature Encounters

Two creature sightings

May 1, 2020 | Comment icon 1 comment
Image Credit: PD - Steve Baxter
This story was submitted to the site by 4REAL and JB from Augusta and Louisana.

Chupacabra sighting in same area three different times

By 4REAL from Augusta

I lived outside of Augusta wi and 3 times I saw an animal that I had never heard of before. The first time I saw it I was driving alone. Something went in front of my car I couldn't tell if it was flying or running, it was so fast.

The second time my boyfriend and I both saw it and said. " wow what was that did you see it?" So there's is NO way we didn't see it. We both saw an animal on it's back legs with a head the shape of a kangaroo its front legs we short like a kangaroo. It was standing side view at first than it looked as if it while jumping up turned toward the ditch and was gone. We both agreed we saw the same thing.

The 3rd time I was alone again. All these sightings were in the same area. After the friar sighting I asked everybody what they thought it could be and Chupacabra was the answer they said. It was hairless., 1st time it looked quit pink in color,very fast.

Oval glowing red eyes through my window

By JB from Louisiana

So I was 14 and lived in the country and one night I was watching tv and fell asleep on the couch, well around 2am my dog was barking very aggressively and I woke up and seen lights through the window so I got up and went to the window and spread open the blinds to see who was coming up my driveway but when I looked all I seen was lights going crazy everywhere!

All I can say is it was like 50 bright lights all going in a different direction back and forth and all of a sudden two oval glowing red eyes appeared right in front of me and I ran into my brothers room and woke him, because my parents weren't there he was the only one I could run too and him being an 18 year old teenager he wasn't impressed with me waking him so I went back in the living room slowly and eventually got the nerve to look out the door window and whatever it was had gone.

The next day I measured from the ground to where the eyes were and it was over 10ft because the house was on peers. I have wondered for years what this could have been and still to this day get chills when I think about it or see people on tv explaining what they have seen and describe the same eyes that I have seen! Second time it totally had the shape as a kangaroo on it hind legs even leaped. I have no doubt this is what I saw,

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Comment icon #1 Posted by Jon the frog 4 years ago
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