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Glowing red eyes

May 9, 2020 | Comment icon 6 comments
Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Mostlymade
This story was submitted to the site by JB from Fields, Louisiana .
So I was 14 and lived in the country and one night I was watching tv and fell asleep on the couch, well around 2am my dog was barking very aggressively and I woke up and seen lights through the window so I got up and went to the window and spread open the blinds to see who was coming up my driveway but when I looked all I seen was lights going crazy everywhere!

All I can say is it was like 50 bright lights all going in a different direction back and forth and all of a sudden two oval glowing red eyes appeared right in front of me and I ran into my brother's room and woke him.
Because my parents weren't there he was the only one I could run too and him being an 18 year old teenager he wasn't impressed with me waking him so I went back in the living room slowly and eventually got the nerve to look out the door window and whatever it was had gone.

The next day I measured from the ground to where the eyes were and it was over 10 feet because the house was on peers. I have wondered for years what this could have been and still to this day get chills when I think about it or see people on tv explaining what they have seen and describe the same eyes that I have seen!

Comments (6)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by freetoroam 4 years ago
Lol, 50?? Really!! Apart from this exaggeration, sounds like someone with a torch, glowing red lights easily an animal.  
Comment icon #2 Posted by papageorge1 4 years ago
Red-Eyed creatures are indeed fairly frequently reported in the annals of the paranormal. No telling without more information what your sighting could have been. All the lights suggest something like a portal opening and entities coming through.
Comment icon #3 Posted by the13bats 4 years ago
I saw the thread title and instantly i recalled childhood trama caused by a fictional horror movie the original Amityville horror, boy oh boy the piggy red eyes had such an impact on me i wouldnt look at the bathroom window at night for years. Now at night i look at every dark window we have, nothing. Sorry, due to hypnagogic hallucinations and all kinds of sleep issues i do not place much in stories that start out, "i was sleeping and startled awake and saw....." I have woke to optical migrain type issues that resembles glitter bugs flying around, super cool and otherworldly looking, but not.... [More]
Comment icon #4 Posted by Twas Brillig 4 years ago
He said "LIKE 50 lights" which is not an exaggeration in his mind by the sound of it. And frankly what he's describing is a possible UFO/ETI encounter. But a troll like you wouldn't know anything about that because it's blatantly obvious you haven't researched the subject. 
Comment icon #5 Posted by freetoroam 4 years ago
Oh look, mothers turned up!  Bring me your best UFO/ETI  encounter story  and lets discuss it. Please search this forum first for previous discussions on ufo claims, as there are lots of them. Lights and red eyes can be explained and more recently the numerous satelites.    
Comment icon #6 Posted by the13bats 4 years ago
Its nothing more that your opinion hes not exaggeration, still could be so many things before Jumping to aliens, after all by definition it is an "unidentified flying object " but ill go fire flies before ETIs. Why jump right to calling people names for having their own opinion, very lame of you, really hurts any credibility you could have had So yes, post your best ETI cases and please something more than dull old stories.  

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