Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is an area in the Atlantic joining the island of Bermuda with Puerto Rico and south-western Florida in which there have been reported an anomalous number of missing planes, ships and other disappearances.


The first documented voyage in the Bermuda Triangle was that of Christopher Columbus. His journals have helped to piece together his account of his voyages in that area. The first strange occurrence related to sightings of seaweed and birds, indicating that they were close to land but which turned into disappointment however when even days later they had still not reached land. Soon afterwards Columbus reported that his Compass had been acting strangely and that his crew had witnessed "dancing lights" on the horizon. He also wrote about seeing a large ball of light falling from the sky.


Some people attribute the mysterious disappearances in the region to everything from paranormal energies to extraterrestrial abduction. More recently however it has been suggested that the reputation of the area itself is more to blame for the mystery than any genuine phenomenon; that over-reporting and sensationalist headlines have emphasised too greatly any given disappearance there and that the Bremuda Traingle is actually no more dangerous than any other part of the Atlantic.

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