Monday, March 25, 2019
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Mayan codex may lead to lost treasure

Posted on Thursday, 3 March, 2011 | Comment icon 16 comments

Image credit: Bruno Girin

By 04736, Staff News Writer

An expert in Mayan writing believes he has deciphered a code that will lead to eight tons of gold.

Joachim Rittsteig, professor emeritus at Dresden University and forty-year scholar of Mayan history, has led a small group of German scientists on a mission to uncover a hoard of more than 2,000 gold tablets that he understands to be lost beneath the waters of Lake Izabal in eastern Guatemala.

His chief reference material, the Dresden Codex, is one of only a few major documents from which we have pieced together our understanding of Mayan culture. It is the same codex that purportedly mentions an imminent apocalypse in 2012.

Rittsteig's interest, however, stems from mention of a city that housed the tablets that sank beneath the lake after a devastating earthquake in 666 BC.

"Rittsteig calculates that "just the gold in the tablets is estimated to be currently worth up to 211 million euros (290 million dollars)."

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 Source: Fox News: Latino

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #7 Posted by SV-001 on 3 March, 2011, 22:11
Are they allowed to take the gold home? I don't think it's fair.
Comment icon #8 Posted by tipotep on 3 March, 2011, 23:59
Sounds a bit strange .... Maya capital of Atlan The treasure sank, along with the city, into the waters Sounds like a cross between plato and Sitchin TiP.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Alienated Being on 4 March, 2011, 1:24
It is the start of a new beginning - that could have many interpretations. Such as the start of a new beginning of life... or a new beginning on a political level, technological level, etc...
Comment icon #10 Posted by Aus Der Box Skeptisch on 4 March, 2011, 4:11
It's the beginning of a new calendar.
Comment icon #11 Posted by Ikki on 4 March, 2011, 18:16
@lkki: Funny that you jeer at Fox News, that is merely reporting the groups departure, yet say nothing about the German newspaprer that is actually funding this absurd expedition. Your bias is showing. LOL My apologies. Compared to the Bild, Fox News is an oasis of sanity. If anyone reads German, this seems to be the original article: I find it funny that took a mathematician to come up with a translation that no professional Mayanist have stumbled upon before.
Comment icon #12 Posted by ShadowSot on 4 March, 2011, 19:12
This sounds more like the plot of a Dirk Pitt novel... actually, I'm pretty sure this is Inca Gold.
Comment icon #13 Posted by StarChild 83 on 4 March, 2011, 19:50
that would amazing if they do find the treasure. But it's not like the money would go to help anyone who could really use it.
Comment icon #14 Posted by Mac E on 10 March, 2011, 15:37
What I am curious about the most is the laws that are supposed to be on the tablets. That is priceless and would give great insight to their culture.
Comment icon #15 Posted by zooage on 12 March, 2011, 1:02
This will prove to be false. The Spanish, backed by the church, did a damn good job of stealing or destroying everything in their entire culture. All the way down to the people themselves. I suppose it's always good to dream though.
Comment icon #16 Posted by -M7 on 2 December, 2012, 5:26
The treasure is possible; Gold, or ancient alien technology and/or knowledge, or something else entirely.

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