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  Columnist: Paul Dale Roberts

Image credit: Paul Dale Roberts

Death lingers in Fairfield

Posted on Monday, 4 July, 2011 | 2 comments
Columnist: Paul Dale Roberts

In the initial phase we investigated Stonedene Mansion - The House of Samuel Martin, built in 1861. This mansion is directly in the backyard of the home we are investigating! As we approached the mansion, Judy saw a female apparition looking out from the 2nd floor window and later she felt an entity pressing up from behind her. The adjourning quarters next to the mansion, a man hung himself. The mansion was actually built on unmarked graves from the battle that took place in and around this property (see Judy Raderchak's article from her research).

We did an initial briefing, I explained the activity in the home. Judy explained the history and the research she conducted on the property. Sophia (occupant) explained some of her terrifying moments in this home. I broke the teams into three groups. Here are the groups:

Team Chanoa (Chanoa means dove in Hopi). Senior Lead Investigator is Carolann Castro. Team members are: Nikki, Becky and Raquel.
Team Chanoa is working the upstairs.

Team Suisun. Senior Lead Investigator is Judy Raderchak. Team members are: Regina, Chantal and Teri.
Team Suisun is working downstairs.

Team Slytherin. Senior Lead Investigator is Stefanie Belson, Brittani, Kevin and Rudy.
Team Slytherin is working main living area and backyard.

Wow! Teri captures a human face in the mirror and it looks like the occupant's brother that died 3 years ago. The occupant was very touched seeing the photo. Team Chanoa experienced major temperature drops, that dropped down as low at 58 degrees in 2 minutes. Printer went on and off by itself. Lights flickered. Heavy breathing EVP captured. Team Suisun captures an EVP that says 'Paul'. The occupant does not know anyone named Paul. Could the ghost be calling out my name? EVP captured that says 'no'. EVP captured that sounds like a whistle. Team Slytherin used divining rods and when the divining rods stopped to indicate where the entity was, pictures were taken and it shows Brittani next to orbs. Brittani is picking up a female presence. Judy used automatic writing and picked up on a tall man, she thought was the brother. She felt a heavy feeling. She picks up bald man with little hair, she feels he may had a stroke. She feels he is guarding the house. She feels he wants something out, wants it to stop. End of Automatic Writing by Judy. Stefanie picks up on residual haunting and intelligent haunting in the home. Stefanie feels something is in corner bedroom and is drawn to the attic. Chantal and Chris felt a vortex on 2nd floor.

Note: Base camp is the main living room area. Chris Singleton is part of base camp for his EVP work. I am base camp for reporting purposes.

There is the unusual phenomenon called 'rods', we got our first rod photo by Carolann, 2nd photo shows no rod. Of course a rod could be an insect, but it looks darn cool! Question asked: 'Are you related to anyone in this house?' EVP says: Paul. I know, ghosts love saying my name. Photos of moving light sources, moving orbs, designer orbs and 5 pictures of a tear drop orb in different locations of the house and in one picture the tear drop orb is next to me. I know...orbs can be anything from dust, skin flakes, lint, etc. But, also it is possible that they can be spiritual containment fields, if we can prove intelligent movement. K2 meters are going off in certain areas of the house. Suisun team captured a double morphing orb, an orb coming out of an orb. Regina had a personal experience of feeling anxiety. Slytherin captured no evidence. Judy had an experience of seeing things in her head, like an old film clip movie. Judy in her mind saw a woman with no eyes and Regina with her own eyes during the same time, saw a woman with no eyes. Carolann may have captured a face in the mirror, this time the face is the side view, this one needs to be analyzed further. Chantal was talking to Sophia Oberlander (occupant) about how certain Indians took body parts of their enemies and at the same time, Sophia lost her tooth. Coincidence?

Chanoa experienced temperature drops from 74 degrees to 60 in 3 minutes. Slytherin - Stefanie detected a circle of energy, captured some K2 hits. Some yes and no flashlight activity - not significant. I captured some shadow pictures, using a flash, there should not be any shadows, but yet the shadows were there. Slytherin considered their evidence as inconclusive. Suisun - some pictures of the mirror showed lines - inconclusive.

The EVP where the entity says 'Paul' was a classic Class A EVP. The photograph of the face is really compelling. Do I think this house is haunted? My answer would have to be...very likely. So much has happened on the land that this house was built on. The odd EVP we captured. The face in the mirror, it was a very distinct face. This home is very intriguing. I wish I had more time to investigate the anomalies that occur in this home. A very interesting case.

I conducted a full Catholic blessing on the home. Carolann conducted a metaphysical cleansing.

Article Copyright© Paul Dale Roberts - reproduced with permission.

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