Monday, May 30, 2016
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  Columnist: Paul Dale Roberts

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Yuba City Night Man: a real demonic case

Posted on Saturday, 4 August, 2012 | 5 comments
Columnist: Paul Dale Roberts

Date to be there: July 28, Saturday Time to be there: 2000 Hours Contact: Angelo. Address to be at: Yuba City, CA - Credit: Anna Hill. Activity: objects move around; voices heard; entity has followed Angelo from Maryland to Yuba City - age 13 and has been around ever since, Angelo is 34 years old now. Age 13, played with Ouija Board and did silly things with the board, now has problems, sees a dark shadow of a man, wife has been scratched. Classification of Case: Demonic. Cleansing required.

Word from Paul:

I have been on over 700 paranormal cases, many have been classified as demonic. I have probably been on 75 demonic cases and only TWO I consider demonic, others are usually mental issues. This is a case that I truly consider as DEMONIC. This is that second case.

HPI Paranormal Investigators Present: Paul Dale Roberts-HPI Owner and General Manager; Jon Rubsam/Psychic; Ivy Rubsam; Alaceo ‘Big Al’ Rosatano/Videographer; Brendon Jacob; Denee Davenport; Tuesday Rubsam/Lead Investigator; Anna Hill/Lead Investigator; Lynne Shively; Shari Aresta/Lead Investigator; Capone Bender/Sketch Artist; Rebecca Lorenzana; Ariana Mejia-Ortega.

Occupants: Kerry Maldonado; Navarro Maldonado.

The activity that is happening at Navarro Maldonado’s home will be described by Navarro himself (in his own words): “At the age of 13, I played with the Ouija Board. Ever since then I’ve been dealing with something strange. It was just recently I’ve seen a figure in my room at night. My wife has been scratched numerous times. We both hear each other voices when neither of us said anything. We’ve had pictures fall of the walls, figurines fall from the shelves and break. My wife has heard words whispered in her ear.

Kerry (Navarro’s wife) will now explain her experiences in her own words: “About four years ago not long after I met my now husband is when he would come to my house to see me for the weekend, strange things started to happen. I would hear thumps and small noises at first, but after he moved in with me things got worse. I have been scratched on my legs and my side, none of them ever bled, they all just sort of welted up like when a cat would scratch you, but not hard enough to make you bleed. At one time I had Tupperware fall off a high shelf and hit me in the head. We have also heard tapping on the wall late at night. One night I woke up to a hot breath on my face. One day while my husband was at work I was sitting on the couch and behind me I heard someone say ‘LIAR’ and I was the only one home and no one could have been standing behind me because at that time our couch was up against the wall.”

We have 3 areas to cover. We have the house, the recreational bar area and the outside perimeters. Tonight the lead investigators are: Anna Hill, Tuesday Rubsam, Brenden Jacob. Jon feels the entity that is attached to Navarro is from something in his past, in which someone was wronged. Jon consulted Navarro to confirm his psychic impressions, it appears Jon is correct with his assessment and there will be some things that will be kept on a confidential level.


Jon walked around the house and his eye movements were moving in such a way as if he was watching a movie. Everything that he discovered through his psychic abilities was confirmed by the occupant. I must say Jon is amazing. Much of the stuff that Jon picked up on will remain confidential. Confidential for some of the investigators and confidential for the occupants.

Special Note: Anna Hill’s team in Marysville is called Angels of Light Paranormal Society. You can find the team on Facebook. The other team that is here is G.H.O.S.T. (Ghost Hunting Observational Study Team).


Tuesday’s group is called Team Chupacabra; Anna’s group is called Capone & the Ghost Mafia and Brenden’s group is called Team I Have No Idea. Arianna did the Gansfeld Experiment and saw a figure move in front of her and the white noise level was going up and down, when it should had stayed at one level. There was a scurrying noise on the house roof and Brenden checked it out and did not see any animal activity. Team Chupacabra captured a (hiss) EVP and a (Ahhh haaa) EVP. There was small light communication (inconclusive). A cart moved on its own for 5 feet towards Shari. Small knocking noise was heard by one of the investigators. No other activity was captured in the first session. UPDATE: Shari Aresta has now captured 13 EVPs from this night!


Class A EVP was captured in the house, it said: “I hear you”. Rebecca captured this EVP. Anna did the Gansfeld Experiment and heard a loud pitch sound, then she heard singing and humming. She thought she could hear a voice that was trying to ask her a question. Rebecca captured what looks like a head of a man looking through the recreational bar window, she captured the head in two pictures and the third picture it was gone. Navarro did the Gansfeld Experiment and heard growling noises and then started seeing red colors and black colors, it became too much for him and he ripped the blinders off his face. Some of the investigators heard hissing sounds and 2 of the investigators freaked out and ran from the area. Orb shot photos were taken, tapping sounds were heard. The orchard was explored and the investigators ran out of the orchard when they saw several black widows in the field. One investigator during the Gansfeld experiment felt their head, leg and arm touched. Shari gets a Class A EVP in which the entity clearly says the occupant's name.


An investigator and some of the team were in the orchard and they obtained a male’s voice EVP that said things of a personal nature to the investigator. What was said is confidential. What was said gave me goosebumps and upset the investigator very much, in which the investigator became emotional and felt the message was centered upon her. name kept confidential). I am going to assist the investigator with this situation. I obtained an Class A EVP of the male voice that the investigator captured that said ‘go, go, go!’ The investigator when capturing her EVP was on the other side of the fence, no more than 25 feet away from me, as I stood by the pool. I saw two glowing eyes behind the tree looking at me, before I captured the EVP. I suggested to the occupant what he needs to do and I will come back out with Anna to conduct a full blessing of the house. On this night I conducted a hedge of protection circle for the clients and the investigators and blessed the pool, in case the occupant does not want to be fully submerged in water (baptized) at a local church. He can get baptized in his pool if needed.


If you want a conclusion, this place definitely has paranormal activity and it’s of a negative nature. The entity in question is threatening. Threatening to such a point, I would consider the entity as demonic. When I got home tonight, Chantal Apodaca - Assistant Manager was waiting for me to get a briefing about this investigation. The first thing out of Chantal's mouth: "I am glad I didn't go, I don't do demonic!" Special Note, the night before the investigation, Chantal came over to watch Silent House with me and in so many ways, the case tonight reminded me of 'Silent House'. Chantal says that a feeling of dread came over her and made her sit this investigation out. She is glad she reacted to her gut feeling.

Photographs and videos from this investigation

Article Copyright© Paul Dale Roberts - reproduced with permission.

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