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Dragon attack enquiry tops bizarre FOI list

Posted on Tuesday, 19 August, 2014 | Comment icon 19 comments

Dragons are not a common sight in Wigan. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Anand

A new list has been compiled detailing some of England's strangest Freedom of Information requests.

The Freedom of Information Act has opened up the opportunity for people to ask for data pertaining to some of the most bizarre things imaginable as evidenced by a recent compendium of requests compiled by the Local Government Association.

At the top of the list was a request by a person in Wigan who wanted to know the local council's emergency plans in the unlikely event of a dragon attack.

Another asked the Cambridge council how many animals had been frozen in the area while the Rossendale council in Lancashire was asked how many times it had paid for psychic services.

Elsewhere there were requests for asteroid impact mitigation procedures, tiger and panther license statistics and a tally of the total number of roundabouts in Leicestershire County.

Requests for figures on the total number of holes discovered in the walls between toilet cubicles and the number of children implanted with microchips in Southend both served to round off the list.

Source: Indepdent | Comments (19)

Tags: FOI, Council, Dragon

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #10 Posted by paperdyer on 20 August, 2014, 0:57
I wonder if anyone asked for info on "The Doctor"?
Comment icon #11 Posted by HMS Dreadnought on 20 August, 2014, 8:14
St George sorted the last one
Comment icon #12 Posted by Silent Trinity on 20 August, 2014, 11:26
Strange what sits at the forefront of peoples minds when able to ask the council to reveal anything...or some people just have such a poor grasp on reality and / or too much time on their hands....
Comment icon #13 Posted by Ryu on 20 August, 2014, 11:38
It's easier to blubber about possible attacks from imaginary things than it is to concern oneself over real problems apparently.
Comment icon #14 Posted by :PsYKoTiC:BeHAvIoR: on 20 August, 2014, 13:58
Comment icon #15 Posted by Rose-Red Howler on 21 August, 2014, 5:57
People have been watching too many horror films.
Comment icon #16 Posted by Mikko-kun on 21 August, 2014, 23:38
Oh, it didn't take me a minute to come up with that, and minimal use of my brain. And I ain't no Einstein. Here's how you concern yourself with real problems like these: war. To enlist or not to enlist. Or if you're in a country like Finland, to go to war like they order (if war comes of course) or to escape going to the front (deserter) and be an outlaw and possibly exercuted without trial if they find you. Rintamakarkuri (those who run from the frontier) are treated like that here if I'm not mistaken, if it's a real war. There's nothing to concern myself over ... [More]
Comment icon #17 Posted by Ryu on 22 August, 2014, 12:46
Nice to know you are so much more intelligent than I am. Was that some sort of an attack? Did I insult you inadvertently? Quite frankly I do fear for a society if their top concern is attacks from imaginary things rather than their own, real lives. I am not about to let my statement be used as an impetus for some sort of lecture. (not saying this is what you are doing but I do wonder why you responded the way you did)
Comment icon #18 Posted by Ralaman on 24 August, 2014, 22:54
This is very simple. If you think your the victim of a dragon attack, then your a dumb ass. Thank you.
Comment icon #19 Posted by StRoostifer on 25 August, 2014, 0:42
Eh, the dragon problem isn't a problem because I know this guy so I'm safe.

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