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Easter Island collapse theory questioned
Category: Ancient Mysteries | Posted on 1-24-2014 | 51 comments
Academics have cast doubt on the idea that the inhabitants used up all the island's natural resources.

Did Easter Island statues 'walk' ?
Category: Ancient Mysteries | Posted on 6-22-2012 | 30 comments
A new theory suggests that the giant stone heads might have been 'walked' upright along the roads.

Easter Island heads have full bodies
Category: Ancient Mysteries | Posted on 5-17-2012 | 48 comments
New archaological digs on Easter Island have revealed tall bodies buried beneath the stone heads.

Chain of human pylons planned for Iceland
Category: Science & Technology | Posted on 8-19-2010 | 4 comments
A plan to build a chain of human shaped pylons in Iceland has won a leading architecture award.

Easter Island statue transport mystery deepens
Category: Ancient Mysteries | Posted on 5-15-2010 | 18 comments
The method believed to be used by the inhabitants of Easter Island to move their statues has been called in to question.

Giant statues give up hat secret
Category: Ancient Mysteries | Posted on 9-9-2009 | 3 comments
How did the Easter Island statues get their red hats ? Archaeologists now believe that the mysterious headpieces sported by the statues were rolled down from a ...

Cave system found on Easter Island
Category: Ancient Mysteries | Posted on 7-16-2009 | 18 comments
A six-kilometer long cave system has been discovered on Easter Island which is believed to have been used by the island's inhabitants in the 16th century.

Easter Island compound extends life
Category: Science & Technology | Posted on 7-14-2009 | 9 comments
A compound first discovered in the soil of Easter Island called "rapamycin" has shown promising results when administered to mice, increasing their lifespan by ...

Easter Islandís controversial collapse
Category: Ancient Mysteries | Posted on 2-20-2009 | 1 comment
A new study has suggested that there could have been more to the collapse of Easter Island's society than deforestation.

Language of the gods
Category: Ancient Mysteries | Posted on 2-4-2008 | 6 comments
Anthony North: One of the most enigmatic places on Earth is Easter Island.

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Displaying results 0 - 10 of 26
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