Friday, April 28, 2017
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Mysterious woman in a blue dress

Posted on 12-17-2016 | Comment icon 2 comments

By: DX Dave | Location: Northern Ireland

This happened 18 years ago and I wrote everything down I saw at the time and I must have been about 9 or 10 at the time this happened. When I was young, I grew up on a farm and lived in a 300+ year old farm house and when you opened the front door into the garden, there was a short horizontal path and on the right of it, close to our front door, was a small wooden fence then a short hedgerow that was the boundary line between our house and our neighbours. On the left there there was our gate.

One day during the summer, I was inside the living room which has two large windows that looked into our garden and you could easily see anything outside. It was a sunny day and I happened to look out the right window towards our gate. I noticed that a tallish woman started walking towards the gate, then up our path. She had long brown hair down to her waist and was wearing a long dress that was glaucous blue or similar colour blue, one color like you'd find in the 1940s or something.

She was walking up to the fence line and my initial thought was that since she didn't knock on the front door, she might be wanting to talk to my neighbour, so I went to the front door to go out and ask her who she was and what she was doing in our garden. The front door was right beside the living room so I didn't have far to walk. When I opened the front door, no one was there, anywhere. It was quiet quiet except for some calls of birds nearby.

I knew that I definitely saw this woman walk into our garden, but there was no way she could have just disappeared in the very short time it took me to open the front door and walk outside. If someone was in our garden and left, there was no way you wouldn't see them nearby in this short amount of time as there is no where nearby someone could have hid that fast.

To this day I still have no explanation for who I saw that day and why no one was there when I opened the front door.

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Comment icon #1 Posted by ChrLzs on 17 December, 2016, 20:38
First up, that dress is very clearly *white*... Having accurate memories back to 9-10 is a bit of a push, it may simply be thatyou are misremembering or had a daydream that allowed time to pass more quicklythan you thought. And you said you wrote it all down.. how about showing us a scan of that?
Comment icon #2 Posted by brlesq1 on 17 December, 2016, 23:49
I dunno...I remember stuff that happened to me at that age, and I'm in my fifties, now. Not saying it was real, just something that strange you're not likely to forget.

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