Monday, February 24, 2020
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  Columnist: T. Stokes

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Extreme sports - psychic readings

Posted on Monday, 7 January, 2008 | 3 comments
Columnist: T. Stokes

A group of the top mediums and fortune tellers are banding together to form a world wide group “The psychic readers assoc”. We will offer the long awaited code of conduct, with an address for any complaints. This is an effort to distance themselves from scam psychics who hide behind phoney names on internet telephone lines. The need now is greater than ever before, to protect the public. It is important you read and understand this article. Fashions come and go, but at no time have we seen the amount of psychic abuse that goes on today. Out of work actors are targeted in actors magazines for employment on psychic telephone lines, some people have just 2 hours tuition before being online for the public. IGNORE both JUNK MAIL PSYCHICS, AND JUNK PHONE PSYCHICS. Computer programmes geared to particularly astrology and Tarot are available, and used while the subject is on the phone, the advice is often to keep them on for as long as possible, the computer programme takes the skill out of the equation completely.

Unfortunately, those who are stuck at home, the aged and single mothers with small children are particularly vulnerable. When I am asked to advise people looking for which psychic help-line to ring, my general advice is don’t.

Mafia connections
I recently did some research at companies house, where all directorships have to be recorded here in Britain, organised crime syndicates own scores of these lines, which mimic genuine psychics, and even copy the names of well known practitioners, to draw people in solely for their cash. Some of these scam sites go as far as advertising that certain well known mediums work on the site, scholarly written work is plagerised and copied, and signed by fake psychic practitioners. These same mafia groups are into internet banking, identity fraud and child porn. Some fakes use pseudonyms, insist on knowing with whom you speak. Mail scams offering scam readings at sky high prices, are targeted at the elderly, and breach every regulation going, yet are busier than ever, many of these involve threats, chain letters, further monetary demands and pyramid schemes.

People forget that the Spiritualist church gives genuine spirit contact to the public and those in need, at their services, and this is free. The 5 stages of understanding enumerated by kubler-ross are taught to every budding medium, and in general are a great help, they are; “Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and grief”
A genuine reading ?
The eternal question is, “how can I get a genuine reading” well there are some simple guidelines.
(1) What you seek is evidence, non judgemental understanding of your position and some personal connection which is helpful and uplifting.
(2) Never volunteer information, you are paying the psychic to tell you.
(3) Frauds, quacks and cold readers will want to look inside your home at furnishings photos etc, so you, go to them.
(4) Quality control, this is important, check with friends for where they have been for a good reading, in short take advice.
(5) Never accept a reading just based on your future, you do not know if that is valid or not, ask about your past if they get that right, its odds on your future will be right too.
(6) Never, ever base your life on what is told to you, use it only as back up knowledge before coming to an opinion, it is advice only, and never listen to those who will reunite lost loves through expensive spells, lucky heather or Jesus tokens etc.
(7) If you are told you are under a spell for bad luck which can only be removed by the payment of large sums, walk away and report it to police and trading standards.
(8) Avoid the people who live as parasites on the backs of the gifted such as general nonsense-mongers and Pseudo-psychologist Richard Wiseman, and super-quack James Randi, who take money to continually give derogatory comments on the psychic sciences, they really should just get a proper jobs.
(9) A well known American actors geriatric mother, claims she can tell your fortune from a feel of your bum at $70 a go. ( she also claims her dogs told her George Bush would win the election) keep your money in your pocket here.

Avoid disturbed showmen such as Jim Baker, mystical spoon-benders and similar types, use your own judgement, neither be too believing, nor over sceptical. If you need more clarity of information ask for it, or ring back when you get home and ask for clarification. We really need a compulsory code of conduct for psychic readers, and it is coming - the complementary therapies guide is the natural umbrella for us, as many genuine readers work with various healers in alternative clinics. If we do not self regulate it will be done for us, and there is already rumblings of discontent from the Christian extremists in America. The law is available here in Britain, and it says ” any bought commodity must be of merchantable quality”, if it is not, then you are entitled by law- to a refund. So just bear in mind what is called “A duty of care” the trading standards office and the office of fair trading should be told of any bad practises, and extreme demands for money should be met with a notification to the police, and register your complaint on file with the citizens advice bureau, remember “ buyer beware”.

Finally there are some wonderful caring readers out there, the one thing you need to bring with you, is an open mind. “Enjoy”.

T. Stokes

Article Copyright© T. Stokes - reproduced with permission.

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