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Dan Green

Reincarnation – the life and times of synchronicity

July 31, 2013 | Comment icon 4 comments

Image Credit: Jeroen van Valkenburg
[!gad]The subject of reincarnation, or as some prefer, rebirth, is a vast one and in its simpler terms easy to understand and, equally, to believe. Rather like the translation of UFO experiences so that our brain will not expand itself suddenly to cause a cosmic glimpse of reality that could be detrimental to the unprepared recipient, then so too has our understanding of reincarnation had to be presented in a fashion that we have a better chance of feeling comfortable with.

For those who may dare to stretch their own comprehension a little further outward, I will share my own inroads into how an alternative understanding of reincarnation announced itself as being the one true rebirth, that of planet earth, drawn from my own experience and research, treading a solitary and lonely DNA path and receptivity to Tibetan Kalachakra ('Time Wheel'), to continue an earlier World Mysteries feature 'The Maitreya Code –Planetary Treasure of Tibet' in which I revealed Buddha's hidden teaching and how Tibet functions as the brain centre of our planet.

Not only will I endeavour to escape you from you own daily consciousness but I will introduce you to a strange karmic link involving the two most famous escapees in history, one you will not be surprised with, for he is already associated with reincarnation as a core belief, though he does not recall any of his own previous thirteen, but the other personality might surprise you, even though I will attempt to demonstrate, using my usual tool of the Lost Mother Tongue, parallel themes in their individual stories.

But first, I tell a little of my own. With Superman, it was the reoccurring of the initial LL in his life – Lois Lane, Lana Lang, Lori Lemuria and Lex Luthor. My DNA thread, however, at various points along its unfolding blue print, brought to my attention the reoccurrence of the word 'Ling, 'my own Lois and Lana first manifested surfacing with teenage chemical reaction in 1972 when I was drawn to the dark haired singer in the British based pop group The New Seekers, Eve Graham. Destined to be an authentic 'Seeker' I should have spotted the relevance of the band's name, but to give this lady her full name of Evelyn Graham, we spot 'Lyng' in the midst of Eve LYNG raham. The fact that from the Teutonic 'Graham' means 'warring' – warfare, battles or campaigns - gives an indication of what is to come. 'Ling' returned again, this time more noticeably in 1974 by way of my interest in Abba superstar Annifrid Lyngstad, now a German Countess, whom I eventually made contact with in Switzerland in 1992 inviting her involvement in an intended European movie entitled 'Zeitgeist' which didn't make it beyond the script stage although another film with the same title did in 2007, opening with audio quotes by Tibetan lama Chogyam Trungpa.

Tibet merged with my life in 1977 when I felt inclined to stay at the Monastery at Samye-Ling in Dumfries, Scotland, mixing company with authentic refugees Lama Akong Rinpoche, who along with Chogyam Trungpa founded the Centre. When I met rock star David Bowie in 1978 I was unaware that he too had visited Samye-Ling eleven years earlier and for a short while engaged Lama Chimi Rinpoche as his Teacher. In 1997 Bowie had his own 'ling' encounter when he recorded a track 'Seven years in Tibet' on his Earthling album. My rendezvous with him appears overall to have been destined as a further consolidation reinforcing my DNA connection with the influence of Tibetan lamas, and to this very day I have my friend Lama Lhakpa Yeshe whose sandaled feet for karmic reasons led him to Lincoln in England, a city I myself had been drawn to twice before finally settling a third time, and phonetically one cannot help enunciating 'Ling' in the pronunciation of 'Lincoln'. My first encounter with Tibet had been a fascination with their flag when I collected the set of bubble gum cards 'Flags of the world' at the age of ten. Of all the 144 cards this was the one that held my attention. It is also known as the 'Snow Lion Flag'. The last time I visited Samye-Ling was in May 1994 when I met the exiled God-King the Dalai Lama's on his only ever visit there.

Now, I must return to Dumfries in word only, for it was here in December 1745 along with his troops it was visited by another exiled king who figures in my twisting DNA thread, that of Bonnie Prince Charlie. Samye-Ling was originally centred around just one building, johnstone House, and it was James Johnstone, a Jacobite army officer, who is most notable for his memoirs of the 1745 Uprising. Interestingly enough, the most famous Scots poet Robbie Burns died in Dumfries, his most oft recited poem being that of 'Auld Lang Syne' meaning 'Old times gone by', the origin of the word 'ling' argued to come from the Old English 'lang' meaning 'long'. The Samye-Ling Tibetan Centre in Dumfries is nearest to Langholm!

I would be about 28 when perusing through a book in the public library I suddenly came across an illustration showing the slaughtered Jacobite army upon the battlefield of Culloden, having been outnumbered 9,000 to 6,000 by the Duke of Cumberland's redcoats. Without any warning a strong emotion welled up within me, my eyes starting watering and I realised much to my embarrassment in a public place that I was crying. Why? I knew next to nothing about this most dramatic of encounters in history, the displaced Bonnie Prince's attempt to win back his rightful crown also being one of the most romantic episodes in history. It was time for me to find out more, and what a shock lay in store. Reading a number of biographies of Charles Edward Stuart, the Young Pretender, proliferate with plates and illustrations, I saw how my mother, father, and four of my immediate friends all looked like Charles' parents and close inner circle. If that wasn't enough, I read how many key events in his life had more than a passing semblance to that of my own, and much of his personality also paired up including physical appearance at various stages of my life. I also have a 'reincarnation mark' on my left leg, and in Sanskrit 'Ling' means a mark or sign. People around me offered up the only explanation they could think of, this was a clear case of reincarnation. I had been Bonnie Prince Charlie?

Thus far I have shown how Scotland's most enduring legendary figure and all things Tibetan have entangled in my life, and with that it is time to attempt to explain how and why, for although those around me scream 'reincarnation', I don't! Firstly, we are going to look at the hidden parallels concerning the prime figures in this drama, The Dalai Lama and Charles Edward Stuart, and how both have their 'Ling' connections, to show how these skeins of thread in this spider's web pull together. Much of the history of Scotland has been played out at Stirling Castle and it was here in 1745 that Bonnie Prince Charlie made a 'Ling' connection' when his Jacobite army took the town but failed to lay siege to the Castle. One of the better known books chronicling the flight of the pursued Bonnie Prince from Scotland is that of 'The Prince in the Heather', and I point this out as 'ling' is also another name for the shrub Heather, as well as meaning 'Heath,' and when I first came to Lincoln I worked at an Autism Centre called Heath Farm! Furthermore, the author of the book has for me the wonderfully ironic name of Eric Linklater...'link later'!

Tibet connects with 'Ling' perhaps more demonstrably when we learn of King Gesar who ruled the 'Kingdom of Ling' in Eastern Tibet eight centuries ago, the word in its own language means 'Place'. However it also has an entanglement with our inherited understanding of what I am here to ultimately discuss, reincarnation, for it was the wandering Indian sage guru Padmasamabhava, known as the Second Buddha, who was responsible for composing in the 8th century and bringing to Tibet what was to become their 'Book of the Dead', it being the most respected and studied manual for affirmation, lately even scientific, of the process of rebirth. Deliberately buried in hills in central Tibet for centuries, it was eventually discovered by a Master, Karma Lingpa – we have another very significant Ling! Within the name Padmasambhava, we find 'sambha', and it is the constant beat of the shamanic samba drum that creates altered states of consciousness, amongst several theories seeking the origin of the word 'samba' suggesting it from one of the African languages 'sembe' meaning 'Divine Mother'. So far both BPC and Tibet are sharing commonalities and another is that the Buddha himself was a native of the ancient Shakya Republic in the Himalayan foothills, and 'Shakya' courtesy of the Mother Tongue phonetics can be pronounced as 'Sky', for it was BPC's epic flight through the Isle of Skye escaping his pursuers, that is the most remembered episode after the defeat at Culloden. Curiously, if you take a look at the Isle of Skye, you will see its own outline is without mistake that of the Lion Rampant, the Royal Emblem of Scotland!

However, the most marked of the common denominators in both the Dalai Lama and BPC's respective escape and exile is that in the title of both pursuing agencies we see the same word 'Han'. In Charlie's case he was opposed by the German Royal Dynasty the House of Hanover, and the Dalai Lama was ousted by the dominant ethnic group in China, the Han Chinese. Significantly, as we will see later, 'Hanoverian' contains the word 'ovary', the ovum producing female reproductive organ. With these initial synchronicities out of the way we can now concentrate on a deeper understanding concerning reincarnation and to do so we must enlarge the microcosm to the macrocosm and consider viewing our humble station of occupancy upon the totality of the planetary body, our earth, in proportionate and Theosophical fashion, that of cells within a body. When a planetary cell (human individual) belonging to a specific area of the cosmic biological internal recognises its own, it will bond immediately, and this may well explain the phenomenon of those experiencing the chemical 'love at first sight'.

As I have hoped to persuade in earlier essays that the earth is a living and conscious body and network upon which our own human body is a duplicate, then let us consider ourselves in a biological sense, for our role whilst having an earthly experience is to enact the role of cells functioning in a body When a planetary cell (human individual) belonging to a specific zone of the cosmic biological internal recognises its own, it will bond immediately, and this may well explain the instances of people experiencing the chemical 'love at first sight'. Likewise, cells who may be antagonistic to each other – healthy cells meeting with bad bacteria – will fight each other. In human biology, cells vary in life span. In the intestinal lining, cells die after about 36 hours, white blood cells after 13 days and red blood cells nine times longer. Nerve cells may live for a century even. It is the regeneration of replenishment of these cells that are the true reincarnation, misunderstood and thought to be 'past lives'. Biologically, cells composing skin and the blood return by undergoing division approximately between every 10-30 hours, whilst the reproduction and re-emergence of some muscle cells takes place every few years.

Added to this and the thought that we may have lived a past life is my belief that there is a mechanism in Nature that 'clones' births from prior living personalities that have gone before and expired, much like products issued from a factory conveyor belt, a cloning system in nature. Today, our own scientists are making leeway in all manners of cloning experiments. From this, we can regularly spot doubles in the past with present day personalities. Having worked alongside film maker Philip Gardiner on my own movie-docu I recognised his uncanny likeness to the Elizabethan scientist, magician and alchemist John Dee. During the 90's I acquainted with a man in Northern England who, having a puzzling passion for Italian furniture, is the absolute double of Italian philosopher Benedetto Croce and when we showed a photo of Croce to this man's own father and asked him who it was he replied, 'Why, it's you of course...where did you get that from? ' Another example is a step son of mine, living in Sheffield, is the double of Piero Medici, 15th century Gran Maestro of Florence.

The most amazing doppelganger and quantum entanglement concerns that of my wife whose high functioning Asperger Syndrome makes her capable of wonderful cosmic dissertations, she having conveyed to me the lost Mother Tongue, and who in 1991 innocently 'fell' into a picture of Russian mystic Madame Blavatsky on the 100th anniversary of her death, followed by a flood of Blavatsky memories. She then began to study Blavatsky and like myself with BPC saw astounding parallels in her own life, as well as her now having her facial semblance. Blavatsky was born Helena Von Hahn, thus connecting me with 'Han' yet again, and having married Russian General Blavatsky at the age of 17 became an escapee herself, after three months fleeing abroad for ten years all over the world, most significantly in Tibet.

As with myself and the Bonnie Prince, my wife views what would be a misconception of a past life as a point in her DNA having synchronicity with a previous historical person's identity and life, with information being provided by the Collective Unconscious. This means we can be experiencing a 'past life' whilst living our own now, concurrently, here all on the same spot and point in time. With this and synchronicity in action, the merging of at least two things into one, similar or even identical thoughts and tendencies may well be evident to those experiencing the quantum entanglement through time-space, adapted to a more modern environment.

This cloning system allows some people may be born to a nationality at odds with their general disposition, cultural identity and racial appearance, hence a great many sincerely believing that they have lived before in another part of the world. In fact 'past lives' can be lived all in one go, here on one spot as our flawed understanding of the 'present' can synchronise with our flawed understanding of the 'past' in the flowing Eternal Now with the Collective Unconscious providing information from an individual's 'past' personal existence transferring to the 'present' entangled incarnation. All quite mind boggling stuff, suggesting that past lives are actually a misunderstood synchronicity.

There is a fault in the superstitious belief system of the Tibetan who will say that reincarnation allows for a return into the form of animals, insects, fish, even as plants. What is being misunderstood is that the human brain can carry innately the qualities of these life forms surplus to the usual human presentation. Humans can certainly carry the characteristics of animals, insects, plants in their DNA and so will often behave in a manner befitting the additional content rather than reincarnate as the actual thing. Ever met a person who is as stubborn as a mule or a sly as a fox? Have you ever wondered why some human have the urge to climb and conquer a mountain and confess they don't know why? Perhaps they can consider that they contain within their DNA the climbing plant.

There is one and only genuine Buddhist rebirth, that of the planet, a spiritual transference to a Star born Child of Mind, and here I often draw comparison to the closing scene in the 1969 seminal Kubrick movie '2001 –a Space Odyssey', an accurate tuning in if ever there were, and a process underway now. A synchronicity that involves BPC's final defeat at Culloden is revealed when we learn that the battle of Culloden was fought at Drumossie Moor, 'Drumossie' revealed by the Mother Tongue to cryptically conceal 'Mesoderm', in humans one of the three primary germ cell layers in the early stages of human embryo, or birth. Those of us living on the earth plane now are experiencing a time and phase giving way to great change. We have entered into the 'death' cycle of our earth, giving way to a new birth. This death is in the mode of our usual understanding of a decaying physical body passing away, but it is afforded a slightly more illuminating exegesis in the Tibetan opus 'The Book of the Dead', the stages referred to here paralleling with the death experience of our Mother globe.

This is not an alarmist statement that earth will 'die' – surely never – for it will always have the means to adapt to whatever its inhabitants bring upon it; the meaning expressed is that a 'death' will occur when a separation from the giver of birth is distinguishable from the born – in that moment of parting we not only have the birth but also the 'death'. Death, as the Tibetans know it, is the separation of the mind from the body. There is a rapidly evolving new consciousness arising from this planet presently, a new mind and birth-to-be that will separate from the planet earth body as we pass through certain and definite stages of the dying process. As it is with the human frame so it is with the planetary body – there is a gradual loss of consciousness involving each element, of earth, water, fire and air in turn.

The dying procedure had long been described vividly in Tibetan Tantric texts, going to lengths to explain how first the earth element sinks, dissolving into the water element, water sinking into fire, fire into air and air into consciousness. For some time now we have entered the stage of earth sinking into water as experienced by the influences of increased global rise in sea level as the polar caps melt from Greenhouse Effects of absorption of solar radiation from the earth, its conversion and re-emission in the infra-red, the absorption of the infra-red radiation by atmospheric ozone, water vapour, and carbon dioxide, and the consequent rise in temperature of the atmosphere. Within the planetary body, the implication is that historical battles in the past and present replicate warzones between white blood cells (Jacobites wore the White Cockade as their emblem) of the body's immune system fighting off invading pathogens and bacteria harmful to good health. A diseased planetary body that eventually 'dies' will ascend to be reborn.

And so, my shared definition of reincarnation is complete, and I am freed from the implication that I once was one of the most famous figures in recent history, revealed as a quantum entanglement, this 'past life' being a synchronicity, the experience of two events – one in our 'past' and the other in our 'present' – in our current flawed understanding of linear Time.

Finally, I would like to return one more time to our re-occuring 'Ling', for there is another word that means rebirth or re-creation, used in philosophy, theology, politics and biology, and that word is 'Palingenesis'.... Pa LING enesis. In biology it is also another word for recapitulation. The 'Theory of Recapitulation', a hypothesis that has two other titles, the 'Biogenetic Law' and 'Embryological Parallelism' draws attention to the study of the origin of language, which I would think pleasing to supporters of the lost Mother Tongue! To 'capitulate, of course,' is to surrender and give up resistance, and it is to their credit that neither Bonnie Prince Charlie nor the Dalai Lama succumbed.

Dan's book, "The Murder of Mary Magdalene -Synchronicity and the Scarlet Saint" is available now at Amazon:

His new book, "Activation Code Earth", is available to download as a free ebook from

Comments (4)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Mikko-kun 9 years ago
I read through, more or less, and one thing I gotta say that ain't the easiest of texts to read. Though I think I understood the concept of reincarnation presented there, that it'd be more a naturally-occuring cloning thing of our mental sides than something else. You should cross-check this kind of a theory with astrology, or something similiar which reads the energies that keep reoccuring in certain intervals, because they could also be (mis)interpreted as reincarnations, because of the feeling of fatefulness and karmic presence and because of strongly-matching reoccurrences.
Comment icon #2 Posted by RockShaman 9 years ago
Outgrowth of the old concept of time being a spiral and that the overlaps could result in bleedover/ past life "memories". I have often supposed this might be true, or even that we - perhaps - have a dim form of ancestral memory that occasionally rouses enough for a sense of deja vu now and then. Or, that apparent "memories" just prove I am nuts . What is interesting is that this shifts the notion of reincarnation away from the survival of our consciousness to a model of simply a pattern and none of that, if taken to the conclusion of the thought. I don't know what I think about that as yet. I... [More]
Comment icon #3 Posted by redhen 9 years ago
Yes, it's prense and tangential reading. I stopped when I came to; "People around me offered up the only explanation they could think of, this was a clear case of reincarnation. I had been Bonnie Prince Charlie?" No offense but why do people always suppose they are the reincarnation of royalty or celebrity?
Comment icon #4 Posted by RockShaman 9 years ago
Read it all Redhen, he moved well past that shallow point and it was interesting to wade through. The notion of bleedover helps account for some of that syndrome of having a thousand Cleopatras running amock (if one must account for any of it). Or, his hypothesis here, if I understood him right. I'd enjoy a chat about his ideas with someone who understands this idea . I just don't "feel" right with the notion of non-survival which seems inherent to his premise.

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