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Dan Green

Remote viewing for the Grail

March 17, 2014 | Comment icon 2 comments

Image Credit: CC 2.0 Allan chapman
Knowing what I do about the less obvious and straightforwardness of Life with the intervention of High Strangeness, sometimes willed other times not, I have never had a problem when it comes to accepting the reality of what is called ‘Remote Viewing’ – the practice of seeking information about a distant or unseen target hidden from physical view and separated by some distance, using the subjective means of ESP or ‘sensing with mind’. Remote Viewing reached a popularity during the 90’s after declassified documents from the ‘Stargate Project’ were released, the U.S Government programme designed to seek any military advantage through applying psychic phenomena.

Having exhausted all means and manners of investigation into my own mystery that in 2005 I dubbed ‘The Lincoln Cathedral Code,’ this form of perception was the only one that had escaped my employment as a further means to reinforce and consolidate my unfolding of an enigma awaiting unveiling opposite the SE corner of Lincoln Cathedral in Lincoln. Linked to the earlier global mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau, the Knights Templar and the enigmatic figure handed down to us as Mary Magdalene, and with a furtive and unofficial GPR scan in 2011 showing a sarcophagus shaped object with a metal oblong box nearby under a regular family tomb in the burial grounds of St Margaret at an exact spot where my deductions had led me, (aided almost in full by the Collective Unconscious and Synchronicity rather than alleged secrets held by so-called secretive societies) here was an ideal opportunity to send in remote viewers to see what their vision might see there.

As the April 2011 GPR scan showed two anomalies, the sarcophagus shaped, measuring 2.50 metres x 0.70 metres, and the nearby metal object measuring 0.5 metres x 0.5 metres, with both at no significant distance apart, I would accept that RV of either might show some results that would ‘blur and incorporate/mix and match’ the two, or touch on both.

Many psychics have visited the location – sometimes I have accompanied them – and had strange experiences there (once, the entire marker tomb was covered by ladybirds who suddenly appeared but landed nowhere else) which has been valuable for me collecting these accounts to see if there are reoccurring patterns, but it should be noted that there is a subtle difference in a ’psychic’ and a remote viewer. I contacted whom I considered the best man for the job from his credentials, Daz Smith from Bath, trained in the military technique of CRV (Controlled Remote Viewing), who has himself been involved in this work since 1997 also working on over 140 missing persons cases for the U.S. Police, but unfortunately shot myself in the foot by providing him with too many details which meant he couldn’t go in ‘blind’ himself. However he kindly agreed to arranged a team of his, of whom he is Project Manager, all five, who worked individually, completely unknown to me – names, gender, ages, location – and providing them only with a co-ordinate, tasked them to go in to the target and report what they saw, thus providing a great experiment for us all, as Daz is known to be an absolute stickler for the strict rules regarding remote viewing, no participant to have any knowledge whatsoever of where they will be or what is to be expected.

And what a great and successful experiment it transpired to be, confirming my suspicion that the historical search for the ‘Grail’ was always a dangling carrot in order to lead someone finally to a specific location upon, more accurately under, the earth, at a great energy grid power point where the potential is that here is a place of liable communion with another realm – the stuff current sci-fi movies are made of, but one day will become a scientific fact.

RV Report Background

After some initial interesting results which showed some possibilities we decided to break the actual target location down into the two separate targets, one for each of the anomalies. The viewer have so far worked this target.

0209 – 0001
Scan Anomaly A | underground, SE corner of Lincoln cathedral, UK | present time


The remote viewer is to move to an optimum position to describe the cause/nature anomaly (A) in full detail ONLY. The remote viewers did not know this cue information all they had to work with was the coordinate number: 0209-0001 – describe the object.

After sending in his team soon after my initial contact with him in October 2013 I was informed from Daz Smith that there were mentions of ‘underground’, ‘maybe not made by man’, impressions of ‘old’, ‘biblical in nature’ that would fit my overall hypothesis and expectations, and a lot of data referred to ‘a boxed structure underground, some of it referring to ‘a mummy/dead life’ and some of it pointing to something more, with energy and crystal. Key collective phrases from all participants that are immediately relevant included; references to ‘strange’, ‘out of place’, ‘mis-used’, ‘cloaked’, ‘manipulated’, ‘unusual presence’, ‘potential to release energy’ and ‘cause a difference in the energy levels above it’. One viewer said they felt like they were entering a ‘village like place’, which very accurately describes what the Lincoln Cathedral Minster Close really is like. In one of their sketches there shows musical notes (frequencies?) coming from it and another makes reference to ‘a ring or key that has further use’. Illustration 54, drawn by one viewer, can be interpreted as showing a dagger within a sarcophagus, and in my hypothesis Mary Magdalene (who may be a figure within the sarcophagus) was demised by a dagger. Another viewer was undeniably spot on having had an analytical overlay of ‘Cathedral’.

One viewer said his analytical mind guesses at ‘a square box like metallic structure with an object inside of it, complex machinery. ‘Harsh, rugged environment with banked areas’ was also described, which fits the scenery at St Margaret’s, along with ‘An idea that needs to be fulfilled… very anxious about the outcome’. One viewer’s sketches show ‘a square/boxy structure down under’.

One describes; ‘in an area of darkness or low luminescence’, possibility of 10’ tall’…’contains something… owner/possessor is proud of object’ (as would the Knights Templar be)… ‘jealously guards object’ (as would the Knights Templar)…. ‘energy related potential to release energy’…. ‘involves conflict between cultures’ (an alternative truth revealed within current Christianity?)….’hidden concealed’…. ‘radiating grief’. (If this is related to a demised Magdalene, there would be grief).

One viewer relates; ‘Seems to be in some kind of container….a box like….metally….lead lined pit or box’…. ‘enough to cause a difference in energy levels above it’… ‘emits some kind of noise or energy’.
Another says; ‘Structure is of metallic construction’… ‘AOL is something aged and old’.

The constant theme detected by all viewers is of a box like structure, (which the GPR scan shows) circular part with separate components, triangular shape components, rod-like or rectangular components, energy and movement, sound vibration, magnetic’. If we are at/under an earth energy point there will be a correlation with natural magnetism, at least. One mentions an ‘underground bunker’, ‘underground cave’, ‘below’. Both anomalies ARE underground. ‘Rocks’ and ‘crystals’ are mentioned by a viewer. Another uses the words ‘prophecy’ ancient/aged and ‘ARC’ and ‘Gabriel’s Horn’ – the tradition of Archangel Gabriel sounding a horn to announce Judgement Day ( it is also a geometric figure with infinite surface but finite volume) and draws a doodle that some might say looks like Noah’s Ark. The Ark of the Covenant is supposed to give off a low hum/buzz/vibration. Possibility that reference to Gabriel’s Horn is referring to a sound emitted by the Ark, a sophisticated geo-plasmic device that could emit fire, clouds and balls of light as well as sound. This was to do with the properties of two stone tablets (rocks) inside it when in conjunction with running water and the stones of fire (crystals) originally in the biblical Breastplate of Judgement that the high priest who operated the Ark supposedly wore. Factually, and facing straight across to the marker tomb, is the Judgement Porch of Lincoln Cathedral.

Summary of RV Report One

As these images show there are common themes throughout the sketches of:
  • box like structure
  • a circular part with separated components
  • A triangular shape/component
  • rod-like or rectangular components Also energy and movement.
  • 3 viewers mention box shaped outer structure
  • 4 viewers mention energy, sound or vibration
  • 2 viewers mention magnet or magnetic
  • All viewers sketch a circular shaped part to the target
  • 2 viewers mention ‘ring’ one mentions ‘ball’
  • 1 viewer mentioned ‘underground bunker’, ‘underground cave’, another mentioned ‘below’.
1 viewer (M) did have an analytical overlay of ‘Cathedral’ – which was also correct for the target location. The viewers seem to all be describing a similar object. they feel this is manmade, with metallic parts, there feels like both energy and movement associated with the object. There looks like there may be a circular/round or cylinder shaped structure within a box-like structure.

Daz sent his squad in again to study the other anomaly sending me his completed report on 28th January 2014. I should add that I wonder if it is possible that the location has some sort of psychic protection, preventing full RV access to it, which would vindicate comments like ‘felt irritable for several hours afterwards’, ‘not getting the full info’, ‘Feels like I’m interpreting something way beyond me’, ‘some areas feel plastic or staged’, ‘something deep and hidden’. ‘Something way beyond me’ would be so if we are amazingly dealing with some advance technological equipment from an earlier advanced race now gone, and whose equipment was guarded and kept secret by perhaps the Knights Templar. Current Sci-fi thoughts indeed!

One viewer described Lincoln very well, the River Witham, Brayford Pool, Cathedral and its environs, and possibly Sincil Bank stadium. He/she mentions ‘Vikings’ in their sketch – ‘Vikings Way’ is the long distance footpath that enters the grounds of Lincoln Cathedral. Another mentioned the humming, whirring and vibrating machine again – tunnel ventilation? Yet another viewer mentioned a sarcophagus, tomb, rock and trees and something in the land from way back.

One viewer hits on a number of themes involved within my entire mystery that I have personally investigated and discovered – ‘Olympics’, ‘Olympic torch’, (that was carried past the marker tomb location during the 2012 summer Olympics and stayed the night in Lincoln Cathedral) ‘Shakespeare,’ (I have just solved clues in a stain glass window in his church at Stratford-upon-Avon leading us to our marker tomb) ‘Caves in France’, ( my research has it that the Magdalene stayed in a cave at Rennes-le-Chateau before being removed and brought to Lincoln) ‘Paris’, (it’s involvement with the global Rennes-le-Chateau mystery that has led me to Lincoln), ‘Tower’, (The Magdalene Tower at Rennes-le-Chateau that copies a very similar tower at the Bishops Palace facing across at Lincoln Cathedral) and ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’.

The second stage of RV reports picked up on tunnels, underground rooms and a silver metallic curved, domed object with movement and light energy given off – overall an old/ancient object below ground.

One viewer comments; ‘from a different time or people’… ‘structure immersed in rock’…. ‘remains illuminated and in a large dry space’… ‘looks like an observation space tower’. Adding, ‘nerves inside myelinaion’…. ‘a channel for communication’…. ‘seems to connect things… take messages and seems to be rooted right down in the earth to right up in space…..’ transmit through to the bottom of the earth as well as vast distances in space’…. ‘free energy machine’…. ‘It could be big and powerful once it’s operating.’ This seems to agree with my expectations that here we have a location capable of communication with beyond the earth.

Daz added his own perceptive commentary to some of the notes; ‘Something linking incisions in flat/carved black/smooth marble rock incisions have communication purpose –link earth. Suggests that this viewer may have picked up on the Marker Tomb with writing upon it.’

One viewer described something ‘deep’ and ‘hidden’. ‘There is something in the land from way back – hundreds of years ago. It is probably thousands. …it was a communicating earth channel.’ Another viewer: ‘A metallic structure’.

Summary of RV Report Two

All The viewers sketches:

A few of my observations on this target from the collective data from the remote viewers are: As these images show there are common themes throughout the sketches of:
  • boxy and curved/domed like structure
  • silver/gray and or metalic
  • a circular part with separated components
  • Under/down/below
  • luminated or giving off both light/energy
  • Old/ancient

All viewers mention a curved shaped structure/object
  • 3 viewers mention grey/silver/metallic
  • 3 viewers mention deep/embedded/down or below
  • All viewers sketch a circular shaped part to the target
  • 2 viewers mention old/ancient
  • 3 viewers mention moving/movement from the structure
  • 3 viewers mention energy/light/luminescence/luminated
The small amount of feedback I am submitting here – and there where many sketches from all of the participating five viewers which I hope to include in a forthcoming book – is nowhere near exhaustive, and I have no reservations in appraising all concerned within the Project, for it appears both individually and collectively, all participants have successfully identified the general presentation of both anomalous objects – as I know them to be from the GPR scan – and have assisted me in taking my thoughts even further with their additional information. I can only wonder if this location not only harbours deliberately hidden objects of some ancient origin but that we are also at an activation point that geomantics might describe as an earth energy site correlating with elsewhere in time-space, in this respect a ‘gateway’ capable of communication through. It may even be that the anomalies have some means of providing such a communication.

As with the viewers, my comprehension in any further description is limited as to what we may be dealing with, possibly an amazing find way beyond our understanding, perhaps the true definition of what for centuries we have been describing as the ever changing presentation of the ‘Grail’.

Dan's book, "The Murder of Mary Magdalene -Synchronicity and the Scarlet Saint" is available now at Amazon:

His new book, "Activation Code Earth", is available to download as a free ebook from

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Jesus wept! The end result of the remote viewing-they still don't have a clue what is buried.....absolutely amazing

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