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Buddhist monk to 'spontaneously combust'

By T.K. Randall
September 10, 2014 · Comment icon 52 comments

Meditation is an integral part of the Buddhist faith. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 2.0 Heinrich Damm
Monk Luang Pu Pim has told his followers that he is going to effectively meditate himself to death.
The 65-year-old, believing that it is his time to die, reportedly lay down in a wooden coffin and entered a trance-like state from which he has claimed he will bring about his own demise.

Pim, who is the abbott of Thailand's Wat Weruwan temple, has also stated that in the event that he does die, which he expects will happen as early as Thursday, his body and the coffin it rests in will both spontaneously combust.
The coffin, which has several holes in the sides to enable him to breath, has been placed outside of his living quarters where several of his followers have come to meditate.

His daughter, Chanakarn Srisombat, claims that her father had previously experienced a brush with death when he allegedly died while in a cave but was brought back to life by a miracle.

Exactly what will happen this time however remains to be seen.

Source: Mail Online | Comments (52)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #43 Posted by Merc14 10 years ago
What are you even talking about? You're wrong on so many levels, besides not knowing where to start with correcting you I also can't help wondering who you're trying to fool here, yourself or other innocent losers who've been living in a cave and won't know any better? Starter fuel? Do I really need to tell you that the body is the fuel? What do you think starts burning in cases of spontaneous human combustion? A can of petrol? And what do you mean you can't incinerate yourself with thought? That human thought can increase body temperature is an undeniable fact, Wim Hof is the very first examp... [More]
Comment icon #44 Posted by RabidMongoose 10 years ago
So did he combust??????
Comment icon #45 Posted by Frank Merton 10 years ago
No the men in white coats came and got him.
Comment icon #46 Posted by RabidMongoose 10 years ago
No the men in white coats came and got him. Ok good they found his can of petrol and lighter before it was too late then lmao
Comment icon #47 Posted by Harry_Dresden 10 years ago
This Buddhists, is just so serious about "Enlightenment" he'll take just about any short cut to experience it. Breath in, Breath out...
Comment icon #48 Posted by Frank Merton 10 years ago
This Buddhists, is just so serious about "Enlightenment" he'll take just about any short cut to experience it. Breath in, Breath out... That's one kind of meditation -- usually the one they start novices off with.
Comment icon #49 Posted by hellwyr 10 years ago
it is called suicide.
Comment icon #50 Posted by pallidin 10 years ago
"snip" I forgot to read the new posts..
Comment icon #51 Posted by Merc14 10 years ago
Can't wait 'till Thursday. I suppose, though, that we will here nothing more about it from them since it just won't happen in the way described. The monk has already been persuaded by the cops and other monks to go to the hospital and seek treatment.
Comment icon #52 Posted by MidnightLady 10 years ago
(To) as in has not yet happened? Does this mean we can expect more predetermined (spontaneous) combustible people in the future? Who writes this stuff?

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