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Science & Technology

Meditation slows brain age of Buddhist monk

3-18-2020 | 1

An intriguing new study suggests that regular meditation may actually help to slow down the aging process.


Children recall past lives as Buddhist monks

6-1-2015 | 16

Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson has been investigating cases in which children have recalled past life memories.

Archaeology & History

Mummy found inside bronze Buddha statue

2-23-2015 | 15

A bronze statue dating back up to 1,000 years has been found to contain the remains of a Buddhist monk.


Buddhist monk to 'spontaneously combust'

9-10-2014 | 52

Monk Luang Pu Pim has told his followers that he is going to effectively meditate himself to death.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Buddhists claim Loch Ness Monster is a 'naga'

4-28-2014 | 38

The UK's first Buddhist Lama believes that the creature is more of a spiritual than physical entity.


Monks leave mystery 'pearls' in remains

3-9-2014 | 18

Some believe that Buddhist monks are able to accumulate a mysterious substance within their bodies.

Archaeology & History

Oldest known Buddhist shrine discovered

11-30-2013 | 12

Traces of an ancient wooden structure have been found within the sacred Mayadevi temple in Lumbini.


Buddhists release snakes, cause plague

6-9-2012 | 23

Buddhists in China enacted a 'compassionate release' by unleashing hundreds of snakes near a village.


Ancient traditions give Japanese strength

3-16-2011 | 19

Japanese turn to Buddhist and Shinto traditions for strength after the earthquake and tsunami.


Buddhist monks mummified themselves

9-18-2010 | 72

In the early 1800s Buddhist monks practiced a long and turturous process of self mummification.

Science & Technology

Boy, 11, declared reincarnated holy man

11-11-2009 | 13

An 11-year-old US boy has given up school, moved to India and is now the head of a Buddhist sect after he was declared t...

Archaeology & History

Hidden Gobi Desert relics found

8-3-2009 | 5

A number of rare relics have been unearthed in the Gobi Desert including statues, art, manuscripts and the personal belo...


Boy chosen by Dalai Lama turns back on Buddhism

6-4-2009 | 30

A boy chosen by the Dalai Lama as a reincarnation of a spiritual leader has opted to turn his back on the Buddhist order...

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