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'Mouth of the Beast' nebula photographed

By T.K. Randall
February 1, 2015 · Comment icon 6 comments

The nebula is located 1,300 light years from the Earth. Image Credit: ESO
ESO’s Very Large Telescope has snapped a breathtaking image of a distant 'cometary globule'.
Despite their name, cometary globules don't actually have anything to do with comets but are instead small nebulous globules of gas and dust that astronomers are still trying to learn more about.

The new image shows the dusty 'mouth' of the globule, called CG4, which measures 1.5 light years across with a tail 8 light years long.
The image was captured thanks to the sensitive optics of ESO's Very Large Telescope which is located in Chile's Atacama Desert.

While the exact nature and origin of cometary globules remains a bit of a mystery, astronomers believe that the 'mouth' shape in the photograph can be attributed to nearby young massive stars which are producing enough radiation to erode the thick, dusty material of the nebula.

Source: Discovery News | Comments (6)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Child of Bast 9 years ago
Amazing photograph!!!
Comment icon #2 Posted by Hawkin 9 years ago
Nebulas are impressive. They are what I think as Space Art. I have God's eye nebula for a wallpaper.
Comment icon #3 Posted by MyOtherAccount 9 years ago
I hate it when they don't point to the feature in the picture that the article is describing. Is the whole nebula the feature they refer to.
Comment icon #4 Posted by gailforce 9 years ago
it actually kind of looks like the center star is repealing the globe
Comment icon #5 Posted by ChrLzs 9 years ago
Forgive me for some one-upmanship.. while that image is pretty cool, take a look at the new images of a rather familiar nebula... I'm sure those posting here will have seen the 'classical' images of the Horsehead nebula, like this very well-known one: well, take a look at how Hubble now sees it, in infrared: from the "Hubblesite" Click here to get the astonishing larger uncropped version (4.5Mb jpeg), and check out the amazing detail, along with the multitude of galaxies, both front on and side-on, that have also been captured.
Comment icon #6 Posted by paperdyer 9 years ago
it actually kind of looks like the center star is repealing the globe With a little imagination, you can turn the image into a ghost with the stars shining through. And with a little imagination you can see a puppy head in the Hubble picture above. And maybe a foot. Way cool pics - all of them.

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