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UFO caught on film during live TV broadcast

By T.K. Randall
March 19, 2015 · Comment icon 41 comments

The channel has been asking its viewers what they thought the object could be. Image Credit:
A news station in Oklahoma City caught a strange object in the sky during a live morning newscast.
Picked up by a KOCO news camera positioned on the roof of the Grand Casino in Shawnee, the luminous, fast moving object could be seen zipping across the screen from left to right.

The spectacle appeared on a live traffic news broadcast at around 6 a.m. on the morning of March 12th prompting the channel to upload a video of the incident asking its viewers to offer their suggestions as to what the object could have been.

Wendell Edwards later reported that a search of the local area yielded no trace of an impact.

The original footage can be viewed as part of the news video below.

Source: Huffington Post | Comments (41)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #32 Posted by S2F 9 years ago
I have a slight interest here as my opinion is that this was clearly not a meteor(ite). That's the impression I had as well. At the speed it was travelling it's angle of descent would have been steeper as gravity would overcome momentum. I'm no expert but the object just seemed too slow and it's trajectory was too parallel to the ground to be a meteor in my opinion.
Comment icon #33 Posted by toast 9 years ago
I would say a meteorit can be excluded from the discussion as the object glows and may did not travel at a speed that meteorits do have short b4 they reach the Earth surface. Here are 2 direct related questions from the FAQ section of the HP of the American Meteor Society: 9. Are meteorites “glowing” hot when they reach the ground? Probably not. The ablation process, which occurs over the majority of the meteorite’s path, is a very efficient heat removal method, and was effectively copied for use during the early manned space flights for re-entry into the atmosphere. During the final fre... [More]
Comment icon #34 Posted by Calibeliever 9 years ago
After watching it again a few times I'm becoming more convinced it could be an insect in the foreground illuminated and out of focus.
Comment icon #35 Posted by Sweetpumper 9 years ago
Yeah, not very interesting if it could be something as simple as that.
Comment icon #36 Posted by godscountry 9 years ago
looks to be a small meteorite.
Comment icon #37 Posted by AZDZ 9 years ago
Oklahoma City has a population of over half a million people and we are not aware of any corroborative accounts. Good point. most likely a hoax. or it could be some special effects. or these pigs are blind and it's really a misshapen airplane Perhaps. I am reminded by it of the 'supersonic' ufo; though in reverse, with a slightly different angle of 'flight', at night, and of an [apparently] smaller sized object. All points a hoaxer would want to change up between projects to throw hunters off the scent. Charles, you have a YT account... can you, in your experience there, make any connection be... [More]
Comment icon #38 Posted by AZDZ 9 years ago
......In the meantime, It appears the webcam is located on the Grand Casino in Shawnee. I'm trying to get a view or find where that webcam is online, but in the meantime, here's a view from the nearest road: For a moment I thought it could perhaps be a reflection along a crane's structure, but it seems unlikely that the crane would not be illuminated. But it could aslo be reflection along some type of support or aerial wire, maybe? Anyways, if anyone knows where that webcam can be viewed, please let us know. My best guess is that it's on the roof of the c... [More]
Comment icon #39 Posted by ChrLzs 9 years ago
Charles, you have a YT account... can you, in your experience there, make any connection between the posters of this and the supersonic ufo video? Haven't yet had time to do this, but I will...
Comment icon #40 Posted by ChrLzs 9 years ago
Meteorites don't slow down! and... - they will follow a 'ballistic trajectory', ie that means curving downwards as they slow (it's hard to be sure without knowing the optical characteristics of that lens, but it looks pretty straight..) - if small, once near the ground they will almost certainly NOT even be hot, let alone glowing. - in this case, the video stops short at almost the EXACT moment the 'object' if real, looks like it would have hit the ground. KOCO are saying absolutely nothing, despite me emailing them and leaving comments on their video channel. KOCO are, at the very least, LIAR... [More]
Comment icon #41 Posted by brainiac 9 years ago
I tell you men the radar cannot detect it, very fast and different frequency even the creature riding it is moving fast not like the ones we use to watch on films.

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