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Creatures, Myths & Legends

Fisherman found guilty of murdering man who had 'summoned Bigfoot'

4-20-2024 | 6

The bizarre murder trial, which took place in Pontotoc County, Oklahoma - concerned a Bigfoot-related killing.

Nature & Environment

String of strange 'alien egg-like' pods pulled from lake in Oklahoma

3-19-2024 | 2

Photographs of these peculiar jelly-like objects were recently shared on social media by state wildlife officials.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Sightings spark bizarre 'Thundercow' legend near Oklahoma lake

 VIDEO  2-24-2024 | 19

Several people claim to have witnessed and even photographed one of the strangest recent cryptozoological enigmas.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds case of four men who disappeared while on a bike ride

10-15-2022 | 73

The four cyclists, who set off from their homes in Oklahoma last weekend, have since disappeared without a trace.

Science & Technology

Lightning bolt over Oklahoma shoots 50 miles into the sky

 VIDEO  8-15-2022 | 0

A new study has detailed what is thought to be one of the most powerful lightning bolts ever detected.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Bill aims to establish 'Bigfoot hunting season'

1-22-2021 | 56

An Oklahoma lawmaker is hoping to establish an official hunting season in the state for the enigmatic cryptid.

World of the Bizarre

Oklahoma woman shot by spooked dog in truck

10-6-2019 | 19

The victim was taken to hospital on Thursday afternoon after a puppy inadvertently fired a loaded gun at her.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO caught on film during live TV broadcast

 VIDEO  3-19-2015 | 41

A news station in Oklahoma City caught a strange object in the sky during a live morning newscast.

Modern Mysteries

Mysterious booms rattle homes in Oklahoma

1-11-2015 | 38

Scientists have been attempting to determine what has been causing the spate of unexplained explosions.

Modern Mysteries

Freshwater octopus to blame for lake deaths?

12-23-2013 | 29

An undiscovered species of octopus could be lurking in the depths of Oklahoma's otherwise tranquil lakes.

Nature & Environment

Zoo workers repair tarantula with "superglue"

6-22-2011 | 11

The veterinarian staff at the Oklahoma City Zoo repair a cut on a tarantula by using "superglue".

Creatures, Myths & Legends

"Chupacabra" spotted in Oklahoma

7-25-2010 | 17

A number of witnesses have reported sighting a strange creature in Oklahoma believed to be a Chupacabra.

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