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Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Resurfaced Roswell letter describes 'fragile humanoids'

11-2-2021 | 30

A letter from the son of a first-hand Roswell incident witness has been discovered among Stanton Friedman's papers.


New 3-part TV series to explore Roswell incident

12-11-2020 | 18

A new History Channel series will feature the story from the perspective of Maj Jesse Marcel's grandchildren.

The UFO Phenomenon

Trump hints at Roswell UFO crash knowledge

 VIDEO  6-20-2020 | 44

During an interview with his own son, Trump hinted that he knew something about the infamous UFO incident.


Roswell UFO crash site has changed hands

2-11-2019 | 9

The area of land on to which the Roswell UFO allegedly crash-landed in 1947 has been acquired by new owners.


City of Roswell gets a 22ft tall alien statue

12-2-2018 | 11

The home of what is arguably the best known UFO incident in history now has a new reminder of its legacy.

The UFO Phenomenon

Geologist finds possible Roswell UFO debris

 VIDEO  6-28-2018 | 20

Geologist Frank Kimbler has discovered what he believes could be pieces of debris from the crash site.

The UFO Phenomenon

Roswell UFO crash site to open for the first time

6-8-2018 | 17

The site of the infamous 1947 UFO incident is being opened up to the public for tours next month.

The UFO Phenomenon

70 years on, Roswell continues to intrigue

7-8-2017 | 164

Today marks 70 years since the recovery of a 'flying disc' at a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO enthusiasts celebrate 'World UFO Day'

 VIDEO  7-2-2016 | 8

Today marks the anniversary of the famous UFO crash that occurred in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

The UFO Phenomenon

Thieves steal flying saucer from Roswell

3-26-2016 | 11

The model craft was loaded on to a truck by thieves last Saturday before being dumped in nearby woods.

The UFO Phenomenon

Indian jet shoots down UFO over Rajasthan

1-27-2016 | 86

The incident, which occurred yesterday morning, is already being referred to as 'India's Roswell'.

The UFO Phenomenon

Founder of Roswell's UFO museum has died

 VIDEO  5-15-2015 | 13

Glenn Dennis, one of the original Roswell incident witnesses, passed away earlier this month.

The UFO Phenomenon

Has Britain's Roswell finally been solved ?

5-4-2015 | 24

Author David Clarke believes he has found the answer to one of Britain's most enduring UFO mysteries.


Researcher claims discovery of alien photos

11-17-2014 | 166

UFO investigator Tom Carey claims to have come in to possession of pictures of an alien entity from 1947.

The UFO Phenomenon

Documentary claims to solve Roswell incident

10-16-2014 | 105

A new documentary from Germany claims that the object that crashed near Roswell was built by the Nazis.

Modern Mysteries

Two men go missing for 7 hours in Roswell

9-18-2014 | 39

A driver and his passenger mysteriously vanished for several hours and had no memory of what happened.

The UFO Phenomenon

Enthusiasts celebrate World UFO Day

7-2-2014 | 56

July 2nd is dedicated to raising awareness of UFOs on the anniversary of the 1947 Roswell incident.


Roswell buried by tumbleweed invasion

 VIDEO  2-3-2014 | 22

Residents of the New Mexico town have found their homes buried underneath mountains of dried up plants.


Alleged Roswell 'alien' images uncovered

10-1-2013 | 159

Researchers investigating the Roswell UFO crash have been made aware of two tantalizing new images.

The UFO Phenomenon

Key Roswell witness Jesse Marcel Jr. dies

 VIDEO  8-26-2013 | 15

Marcel Jr. was one of the last surviving witnesses to the debris recovered during the Roswell incident.

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