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The UFO Phenomenon

50 years on, incident dubbed 'Welsh Roswell' still intrigues

1-30-2024 | 12

Back in 1974, the small town of Bala in Wales became the center of an intriguing series of events.

The UFO Phenomenon

Roswell's UFO museum in New Mexico celebrates major milestone

 VIDEO  12-5-2023 | 10

The museum has long been a popular tourist destination with hundreds of thousands of people visiting it every year.

The UFO Phenomenon

Mysteries revisited: Stanton Friedman's Roswell witness letter

7-29-2023 | 55

The letter had been part of an enormous archive of letters and documents kept by the late UFO researcher.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO crash in Italy allegedly predated the Roswell incident

7-4-2023 | 7

A UFO researcher claims to have documents pertaining to an alleged UFO crash that occurred in Italy in the 1930s.

The UFO Phenomenon

UK's first UFO tour set to focus on site of 'Britain's Roswell'

4-19-2023 | 12

UFO hunter Gary Heseltine will be hosting tours of Rendlesham Forest - the site of the UK's most famous UFO incident.


'Brazil's Roswell' - rumors emerge of alien creature footage

 VIDEO  10-29-2022 | 11

Footage allegedly captured during a UFO incident in Brazil in 1996 is rumored to be in line for release in the near future.


'Moment of Contact' documentary to explore 'Roswell of Brazil'

 VIDEO  8-6-2022 | 7

A new documentary by filmmaker James Fox will explore the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The UFO Phenomenon

Long-lost Roswell incident news report uncovered 75 years on

7-2-2022 | 16

An issue of a long-defunct Roswell newspaper covering the UFO crash has recently resurfaced.

The UFO Phenomenon

Belief in Roswell UFO crash remains strong 75 years on

6-9-2022 | 65

A recent poll has demonstrated that many people in the US still believe that aliens crashed at Roswell in 1947.


Resurfaced Roswell letter describes 'fragile humanoids'

11-2-2021 | 30

A letter from the son of a first-hand Roswell incident witness has been discovered among Stanton Friedman's papers.


New 3-part TV series to explore Roswell incident

12-11-2020 | 18

A new History Channel series will feature the story from the perspective of Maj Jesse Marcel's grandchildren.

The UFO Phenomenon

Trump hints at Roswell UFO crash knowledge

 VIDEO  6-20-2020 | 44

During an interview with his own son, Trump hinted that he knew something about the infamous UFO incident.


Roswell UFO crash site has changed hands

2-11-2019 | 9

The area of land on to which the Roswell UFO allegedly crash-landed in 1947 has been acquired by new owners.


City of Roswell gets a 22ft tall alien statue

12-2-2018 | 11

The home of what is arguably the best known UFO incident in history now has a new reminder of its legacy.

The UFO Phenomenon

Geologist finds possible Roswell UFO debris

 VIDEO  6-28-2018 | 20

Geologist Frank Kimbler has discovered what he believes could be pieces of debris from the crash site.

The UFO Phenomenon

Roswell UFO crash site to open for the first time

6-8-2018 | 17

The site of the infamous 1947 UFO incident is being opened up to the public for tours next month.

The UFO Phenomenon

70 years on, Roswell continues to intrigue

7-8-2017 | 164

Today marks 70 years since the recovery of a 'flying disc' at a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO enthusiasts celebrate 'World UFO Day'

 VIDEO  7-2-2016 | 8

Today marks the anniversary of the famous UFO crash that occurred in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

The UFO Phenomenon

Thieves steal flying saucer from Roswell

3-26-2016 | 11

The model craft was loaded on to a truck by thieves last Saturday before being dumped in nearby woods.

The UFO Phenomenon

Indian jet shoots down UFO over Rajasthan

1-27-2016 | 86

The incident, which occurred yesterday morning, is already being referred to as 'India's Roswell'.

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