Sunday, October 25, 2020
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'Apocalyptic' sounds heard all over the world

Posted on Tuesday, 19 May, 2015 | Comment icon 62 comments

A quiet neighborhood in British Columbia was subjected to the din. Image Credit: Kimberly Wookey
People from several different countries have been reporting strange 'trumpet blasts' coming from the sky.
The peculiar phenomenon, which was first reported back in 2008, is still no closer to being solved and continues to he heard in the United States as well as in Germany, Canada and elsewhere.

The sound, which seems to erupt from nowhere, resembles what you might hear if all the instruments in the brass section of an orchestra were to be played together at the same time.

In many cases the noise has been described as deafening.

"On the morning of August 29, 2013 at approximately 7:30am I was awoken by these sounds," said Kimberly Wookey, a witness from Canada who managed to record the strange din on multiple occasions from her house in British Columbia.

"I shot out of bed realizing it was the same sounds I had heard before and I ran looking for a camera to try to capture them with. I have no idea what these sounds are."
Another prominent incident took place in the Ukranian capital Kiev in August 2011

"The sound was extremely loud, with some people 30-40km from the recording also hearing it in other cities," said one witness. "It was in the news with the investigation with specialists and scientists, but there is still no exact explanation."

The sound was also heard in Montana in February 2012 by Aaron Traylor and his family.

"Ive had vivid nightmares ever since I posted the very eerie strange sounds that has Missoula talking and looking towards the sky; awful, awful nightmares," he said. "My wife woke me from a dream last night where she says I was screaming like shes never heard me scream before."

Some scientists believe that the phenomenon may have a geological origin.

One of Kimberly Wookey's recordings of the mysterious sounds can be heard below.

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Tags: Sounds, Apocalypse

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #53 Posted by The Black Ghost on 21 May, 2015, 23:55
I am POSITIVE I remember the original story and it turned out to be construction equipment.
Comment icon #54 Posted by Calibeliever on 22 May, 2015, 12:37
I am POSITIVE I remember the original story and it turned out to be construction equipment. Sort of ... when this hoax was originally circulated several years ago there was someone who heard strange (similar?) sounds and recorded them. After a little investigation though, this particular individual found that they were scraping asphalt with heavy equipment nearby in his neighborhood. He wasn't part of the original hoax but he became part of the story.
Comment icon #55 Posted by Lesionia on 25 May, 2015, 6:04
But why would these sounds be heard around the same day in Australia and Texas? Plus I remember hearing them here in Montana. Thought it was awfully loud for the trains... but I didn't think much of it at the time. Plus, it's definitely a metal on metal sound. I also found it odd all the videos I saw, people looked up into the sky, not around at the ground...
Comment icon #56 Posted by jesspy on 25 May, 2015, 10:05
I am hearing brakes of a truck maybe? But my guess is this is all fake or a promotion for a movie that has gone viral or something.
Comment icon #57 Posted by Lesionia on 25 May, 2015, 21:06
From my experience, angelic music even war music is much more musical. I am wondering how people thought they were trumpet sounds in the first place?
Comment icon #58 Posted by baronesslucy on 26 May, 2015, 21:44
Rather creepy and scary. I wonder if anyone reported this to law enforcement.
Comment icon #59 Posted by Starhunter on 28 May, 2015, 11:47
From my experience, angelic music even war music is much more musical. I am wondering how people thought they were trumpet sounds in the first place? The trumpet idea is largely fueled by Catholic approved Evangelical churches which teach "tribulation theories" of future disasters, which they (falsely) claim are announced by the "trumpets" of Revelation, which are only symbolic of the political influences in world religion, and not literal sounds of brass instruments at all. If their theory is right, there are only a handful of trumpets, which by now would have all sounded, but the world has n... [More]
Comment icon #60 Posted by Oops Monkey on 28 May, 2015, 16:36
Sounds like a bird fart. No mystery.
Comment icon #61 Posted by mysticwerewolf on 3 June, 2015, 4:23
at first it sounds to me like a train's brakes, not saying that is what it is only that it sounds like it at first .I've heard it once or twice before and that was where the sounds I heard seemed to come from.
Comment icon #62 Posted by thenIsaid on 4 June, 2015, 4:42
Sounds faked to me. Not necessarily by the person who filmed the tape, but I think this is likely going to be one of those "Bigfoot" hoax things that people start goofing with. It's very easy to do with basic sound equipment and free software. But of course it could also be caused by multiple other things. After all sound is merely the vibration of air caused by some object so a great many things could produce sounds that aren't common. If people are expecting the trumpets of judgment, I was under the understanding that those would be shofar, which produce a very distinctive sound (not like th... [More]

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