Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Science & Technology

What is the quantum apocalypse and should we be worried ?

1-14-2023 | 3

Some scientists believe that existing forms of data security and encryption will soon become obsolete.

Space & Astronomy

Solar storm could cause 'Internet apocalypse'

9-12-2021 | 23

Scientists have warned that a devastating solar storm could disrupt the world's Internet for months.

Archaeology & History

Newton's 'heretical' notes on the apocalypse

12-12-2020 | 3

Celebrated physicist Sir Isaac Newton had a keen interest in alchemy, the pyramids and the end of days.

World of the Bizarre

Pentagon has a zombie outbreak defense plan

9-21-2020 | 21

It turns out that there is a genuine plan in place to defend the United States in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Science & Technology

US Navy's 'Doomsday' plane taken out by a bird

10-19-2019 | 13

An aircraft designed to survive a nuclear apocalypse recently suffered a rather unfortunate mishap.

Modern Mysteries

'Doomsday' has been postponed until October

9-25-2017 | 211

The man behind this month's doomsday prophecy has pushed the apocalypse back another few weeks.

Science & Technology

What would you do in a zombie apocalypse ?

9-17-2017 | 70

A new poll in the UK has revealed that some people may already be preparing for such an eventuality.

Nature & Environment

Water bears could survive the apocalypse

7-16-2017 | 14

Scientists have identified a microscopic species capable of surviving almost any cataclysmic event.

Science & Technology

Zombies could wipe out humanity in 100 days

1-6-2017 | 26

A new study has suggested that it would not take long for a zombie apocalypse to wipe out mankind.

Science & Technology

Tech giants team up to form AI ethics board

9-29-2016 | 10

Several major technology companies have joined forces in an effort to prevent an AI-fuelled apocalypse.

Space & Astronomy

Solar flares almost started a nuclear war

8-12-2016 | 9

A sudden and intense period of solar flare activity almost triggered a nuclear apocalypse back in 1967.

Science & Technology

New risk report warns of future catastrophes

4-28-2016 | 20

Scientists have warned that world governments are not doing enough to prepare for disaster scenarios.


Deep-sea creatures survived the apocalypse

4-17-2016 | 4

Scientists have determined how deep-sea creatures survived the asteroid impact that killed the dinosaurs.

Science & Technology

How long could you live off a supermarket ?

2-22-2016 | 52

In the event of an apocalypse, how long could one adult live off the contents of the average supermarket?

Science & Technology

Are we facing an 'antibiotic apocalypse' ?

11-20-2015 | 13

Scientists have revealed that superbugs have now become resistant to even our last-resort antibiotics.

Space & Astronomy

NASA debunks September asteroid predictions

8-28-2015 | 10

The space agency remains adament that there are no apocalyptic asteroids due to hit us next month.

Modern Mysteries

'Apocalyptic' sounds heard all over the world

 VIDEO  5-19-2015 | 62

People from several different countries have been reporting strange 'trumpet blasts' coming from the sky.

Science & Technology

Researchers develop zombie escape plan

2-28-2015 | 27

A team from Cornell University has recommended running for the hills in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Science & Technology

Scientists list 12 biggest threats to mankind

2-15-2015 | 25

Researchers have drawn up a list of the dozen most likely scenarios that could spell the end of humanity.

Science & Technology

What if every volcano eruped at once ?

1-4-2015 | 30

What would happen in the unlikely scenario that every volcano on Earth erupted at the same time ?

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