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Mystery as 40 birds fall from sky over Boston

September 11, 2016 | Comment icon 7 comments

Only grackles seem to have been affected. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Dick Daniels
Environmental officials have been left perplexed after dozens of grackles appeared to fall ill en masse.
The peculiar incident took place on Thursday morning on Bakersfield Street, Dorchester where at least 40 of the birds were found lying in the street - some dead and others unable to stand.

Surprisingly it appears as though grackles were the only species of bird affected.

"I tried to move them a little bit, and it just seemed like they were on one side, and you put them on their feet and they just fell," said local resident Shelora Levaud.
"It was almost like one side was paralyzed."

Authorities are currently working to investigate the cause of the phenomenon however there have been hints that a chemical agent called avitrol, which is found in pesticides, may be responsible.

"Weíre not sure whatís going on, if itís an environmental toxin, or itís some disease thatís being spread around the birds," said animal rescue technician Danielle Genter.

Source: CBS News | Comments (7)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Marcin 6 years ago
Damn, when I opened this article I had the picture of them being dead lodged in my mind, but poor b*****s were alive and †"just" partially paralyzed? That's much worse way to go :/ †
Comment icon #2 Posted by docyabut2 6 years ago
There have been so many cases of birds just falling from the sky at this time, some suggest† cold weather patterns that makes more or less the birds† freeze in the sky/
Comment icon #3 Posted by paperdyer 6 years ago
A quick freeze might be the answer.†Do these birds fly high enough to be hit by a cold enough air current?†Not being familiar at all with Boston,†I guess the EPA will need to see of any businesses had an accidental discharge of something into the air.† At any rate, this is one for the books right now.
Comment icon #4 Posted by Dark_Grey 6 years ago
This has been going on for years in various places around the country. Large numbers of birds would just...die. I remember in 2006/2007 news reports about some bird disease or bird flu. It doesn't look like we're any closer to finding the cause of these mysterious deaths but it's unnerving when you consider how long this has been happening. When a canary flies in to a coal mine and dies, the miners know the air is toxic. I really hope that can't be extrapolated to mass crow deaths or we are in deep doo-doo.
Comment icon #5 Posted by UFOwatcher 6 years ago
Paralyzed on one side? Sounds like the Hillary effect. Were they coughing?
Comment icon #6 Posted by coolguy 6 years ago
Was hillary there did she fart lol
Comment icon #7 Posted by MissJatti 6 years ago

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