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Creatures, Myths & Legends

Hunt is on for sea monster in Humber River

By T.K. Randall
September 11, 2016 · Comment icon 47 comments

Is there a creature lurking in the Humber ? Image Credit: CC BY-SA 2.0 Andy Beecroft
A new campaign has been launched in England in an attempt to track down the elusive 'Humber Monster'.
Sightings of a large aquatic creature in the Humber River - which has been described as a large 'oddly shaped' beast with a 'gargantuan head' - have been reported as far back as the 1920s.

Now after years of unconfirmed reports and inconclusive photographs, historian Mike Covell, who heads up the Humber Monster Watch group, has organized a series of patrols along the river in a renewed effort to solve the mystery of the enigmatic denizen once and for all.
"Throughout the 1920s, trawlermen from Hull had reported strange sightings of a creature in the Humber and the North Sea," he said. "In 1923, a Hornsea school teacher was swimming off the coast when he was attacked by an unknown sea creature."

Another famous sighting of the monster occurred in 1934 when Thomas Atkinson and his family spotted a large black creature in the water with "eyes the size of portholes."

Whether Covell and his team will find anything in the river now however remains to be seen.

Source: IB Times | Comments (47)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #38 Posted by Merc14 7 years ago
Why wouldn't I be able to share my true opinion?
Comment icon #39 Posted by Myles 7 years ago
I think the more stories there are, the less chance of any "bigfoot" type of creatures exist.††
Comment icon #40 Posted by Hudds 7 years ago
Well, you seem to be hesitating to†answer my question properly†for starters Merc.† Do you believe a type of Bigfoot may actually†exist,†which is known as The†Ohio Grassman?
Comment icon #41 Posted by oldrover 7 years ago
Very good.†
Comment icon #42 Posted by Merc14 7 years ago
Nope, not even a little bit. ††
Comment icon #43 Posted by Hudds 7 years ago
Do you reckon it could be just another Bear, or some†other animal?
Comment icon #44 Posted by Merc14 7 years ago
I honestly had never heard of it until you asked so I did a little research and have no idea what people think they are seeing.† The fact that the footprints are three toed makes me† wonder why Bigfootery so I looked that up and that is when things started to get very weird when Bigfootery speculated that this is a mutated version of Sasquatch and other "theories".† Of course there is no evidence other than a few easily faked footprints and hysterical sightings of an animal foraging in the woods so no, I don't believe thereis a grass man creature.† Chaos-rose may be onto something but who know... [More]
Comment icon #45 Posted by Black Monk 7 years ago
Yes. Definitely.
Comment icon #46 Posted by a vampire wears my boxers 7 years ago
But the Browns already have Josh Gordon......
Comment icon #47 Posted by White Unicorn 7 years ago
Reminds me of a RV vacation †of mine. We went canoeing in a river with a little dog close to Canada, it had an Indian name but it's been so long I can't remember the town. We saw something about 14 feet or so long above water. †It was shiny †black and had humps and horn like projections on the head of a snake. I get upset and think, OMG it looks like Nessie only small. It was coming towards us and I was afraid it would topple the canoe and eat the dog! †Imaginations went off as we batted the paddles trying to scare it off, it looked at us and swam away. When it swam fastly, we noticed it swam ... [More]

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