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'Winged creature' photograph has gone viral

January 5, 2017 | Comment icon 138 comments

Is this a winged creature or a pair of palm trees ? Image Credit: Facebook / Richard Christianson
An image of what has been described as a 'winged demon' has been uploaded by a user on Facebook.
The peculiar image, which has been shared more than 80,000 times on social media, was posted on Facebook by Richard Christianson who wrote "What the hell do you see in this picture for reals ??"

The photograph was allegedly taken in Arizona and shows what some online users have interpreted as a large humanoid creature with wings walking along the side of a road.

Others however maintain that the image is little more than an optical illusion and that the 'creature' is actually a pair of palm trees that happen to have been photographed from just the right angle.

Suffice to say, the latter explanation is certainly more plausible than the former.

Source: USA Today | Comments (138)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #129 Posted by Crystal Rose 6 years ago
So... you want a photo of a corpse of a demon or such. Do you see that this is actually quite disgusting and more mad than my claim? And I m not here to prove myself, I'm here to provide controversy.
Comment icon #130 Posted by Crystal Rose 6 years ago
Not going to repeat myself.†
Comment icon #131 Posted by Stiff 6 years ago
Yes, the most simplest and easiest form of evidence, however disgusting, would pretty much have given you the utmost respect imaginable. †But, like you say, you're not here to prove yourself. It figures. ††
Comment icon #132 Posted by ChrLzs 6 years ago
No.† Of course it isn't. Then perhaps you are mistaking this discussion forum for your personal blog?† That isn't funny, by the way...
Comment icon #133 Posted by Thorvir 6 years ago
Then that's that. †If all you have is what you presented, then you haven't proven or supported anything. †Thanks for the discussion anyway.
Comment icon #134 Posted by Thorvir 6 years ago
Yes. †That's just a start, though. Not at all. †Your claim doesn't have to be mad if you just support it. †No one is calling you crazy or a charlatan yet. Thanks for that admission. †That means you're just trolling.
Comment icon #135 Posted by The Butler 6 years ago
† I'm very curious about your "weapons"
Comment icon #136 Posted by Crystal Rose 6 years ago
Just replying here to remind everyone that I do wish to discuss the actual topic here. If you guys want to hate on the fact I don't provide evidence of what I do, do so privately. I came here to discuss interesting topics, not my life story. So suck it. Otherwise if you wish to discuss the original topic be my guest. My intentions on not providing evidence of my activities, (besides being a decent person) was to subside that side of the conversation to a minimum. Seeing as it has had the opposite effect, I am being blunt. Subject terminated. Move onto original subject please.
Comment icon #137 Posted by Crystal Rose 6 years ago
I'm surprised that you consider this as contrary evidence. Slapping sticks of cardboard and barely running isn't considered as much besides fun. Ever been thrown into a wall? Bet not.
Comment icon #138 Posted by The Butler 6 years ago
Contrary to what? Your assertion that you do mortal combat with imaginary beasties? I posted video that I feel is apropriate to the seriousness of your claim, of a person being brutally beaten with cardboard. They trip†over numerous times. The point was to show that one can have a camera on them and film themselves in†combat.† I could show you martial arts contests and motorbike crashes. †Your excuses†are transparent. †† †

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