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Man spooks family with haunted doll collection

By T.K. Randall
July 14, 2017 · Comment icon 26 comments

Many of the dolls are said to be possessed by spirits. Image Credit:
63-year-old Barry Collingswood has a collection that is bound to give just about anyone the creeps.
A full-time carer for his wife who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, Barry's obsession with collecting china dolls began last November when one of them caught his eye in a local charity shop.

He now has a room filled with 30 creepy old dolls and maintains that most of them are haunted.

"I wasn't the sort of person to buy dolls and I never had done before but I went into an old shop and thought: 'Oh, that's a very nice old doll' only to be offered two more for free," he said.
Unsurprisingly however, his young son Josh finds the whole thing a little disturbing and is looking forward to moving out to live with one of his friends in the near future.

"It will be nice to be in a house where there aren't haunted dolls watching me," he said. "During the daytime the dolls aren't so bad but at night the mood in the house turns completely."

"I don't think all of them are haunted but I do get quite creepy feelings from them and I sometimes feel as though they're watching me when I'm home alone."

Source: Story Trender | Comments (26)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #17 Posted by Black Monk 7 years ago
There's no way I'd have so many haunted dolls in my home. One would be bad enough.
Comment icon #18 Posted by Matt221 7 years ago
Freaky porcelain headed dolls them pierrot dolls and bloody clowns I wouldn't entertain even one crossing my threshold the're pure evil
Comment icon #19 Posted by Kurzweil 7 years ago
Growing up i had a bozo the clown puppet. It was awesome to do childish act shows for family and friends...and then i saw poltergeist. That clown took on a new image after that and completely ruined my sleeping schedule.  But I'm all better now..
Comment icon #20 Posted by Farmer77 7 years ago
For some reason that conjured up images of you doing some kind of spell as you ritualistically burned the puppet in question 
Comment icon #21 Posted by AustinHinton 7 years ago
Not any more unusual than grown men who collect pastel-colored toy ponies. 
Comment icon #22 Posted by Astra. 7 years ago you do that as a hobby Austin ? 
Comment icon #23 Posted by AustinHinton 7 years ago
No,  ain't no bronie!    I collect toy robots.  
Comment icon #24 Posted by Astra. 7 years ago
Lol...oh ok...robots are kinda cool. I've sort of conjured this image up in my head.... Speaking of collections, I like to collect shells off the beach...and also these little guys. Seriously, I can't resist them ...  
Comment icon #25 Posted by Jade7 7 years ago
This reminds me have you ever looked at the ebay listings for haunted dolls? I do it sometimes because I find it interesting. Most of them are most likely fake but some of them have such eerie deions ( demonic etc)  I wonder why anyone would want to chance buying them.
Comment icon #26 Posted by AustinHinton 7 years ago
For the novelty of having a haunted object, of course. 

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