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Dog turns blue due to polluted Indian River

August 15, 2017 | Comment icon 10 comments

The water is filled with dyes and other chemicals. Image Credit: YouTube / Business Insider / Hindustan Times
Untreated industrial waste in Mumbai's Kasadi river has been turning dogs a rather peculiar color.
A stray dog near Navi Mumbai's Taloja industrial area has recently been spotted roaming the streets with its fur sporting a rather disconcerting shade of blue thanks to chemical dyes in the nearby river.

The bright blue canine is just one of several animals to have been similarly affected in recent months by river water with pollution levels that have been found to be 13 times beyond the safe limit.
"It was shocking to see how the dog's white fur had turned completely blue," said Arati Chauhan, member of a local animal protection group. "We have spotted almost five such dogs here and have asked the pollution control board to act against such industries."

With over 1,000 pharmaceutical, food and engineering factories in the general area however, keeping the rivers free of pollution is likely to be a task of monumental proportions.

Source: Hindustan Times | Comments (10)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Farmer77 5 years ago
Comment icon #2 Posted by Chaldon 5 years ago
Poor things.
Comment icon #3 Posted by MJNYC 5 years ago
My heart breaks for all the strays of this world, but mostly breaks for the poor dogs and cats in Asia that get tortured and then killed. I hope that India will be able to clean up their river.  If it's affecting the animals, it's certainly affecting humans too.  
Comment icon #4 Posted by brizink 5 years ago
So Americans can have cheap products. Smh
Comment icon #5 Posted by FLOMBIE 5 years ago
It's rather the companies to produce cheaply and profit more. I'm sure Americans would love the jobs!
Comment icon #6 Posted by Rmarlbk 5 years ago
America rules!
Comment icon #7 Posted by Captain Risky 5 years ago
Blues clues.
Comment icon #8 Posted by poohbear 5 years ago
Overpopulation....There'll be no tigers,bears,or elephants soon....just a human desert.
Comment icon #9 Posted by spartan max2 5 years ago
With such a large population it's probably difficult to regulate alot 
Comment icon #10 Posted by brizink 5 years ago
Which in turn keeps prices low. But I know what you mean. 

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