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Armored truck spills $600,000 on to highway

By T.K. Randall
May 6, 2018 · Comment icon 14 comments

The accident caused chaos on Interstate 70. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 4.0 Famartin
Stunned motorists discovered banknotes strewn across Interstate 70 in Indianapolis on Wednesday morning.
According to reports, the driver of the truck that was transporting the money only became aware that the back doors had swung open when another motorist gestured towards the rear of the vehicle.

In total, around $600,000 worth of notes ended up distributed across the highway, prompting opportunistic motorists to stop their cars and run out in to the road to try and collect them.
Police officers are now seeking a school bus driver who succeeded in making off with a large pile of notes and four men who bundled several bags of money in to their pick-up truck.

"Bags of money were falling out of the back onto the interstate," said Indiana State Police Corporal Brock McCooe. "Sort of something out of a movie scene, where you have bills, loose bills flying all over the interstate, vehicles stopping, people getting out of their cars."

"I guess it's not every day you see thousands of dollars just floating around on the interstate during your morning commute."

Source: Sky News | Comments (14)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #5 Posted by ChaosRose 6 years ago
The money is insured. They should just take the loss and fix the doors.  I don't think they're getting any of that back. 
Comment icon #6 Posted by ChaosRose 6 years ago
I'm not even closed to the idea of it being divine intervention on the part of the school bus driver. They don't get paid much, I think. 
Comment icon #7 Posted by Grandpa Greenman 6 years ago
A Brinks truck wrecked on the main drag in my town a while back. The sheriff sent in a chopper and money went everywhere.  They didn't  find very much of it.  That was almost as good as when all the pot bales washed up on the beach.   
Comment icon #8 Posted by pallidin 6 years ago
Gift from Heaven, I say.
Comment icon #9 Posted by pallidin 6 years ago
I believe and effort towards honesty, but I would not charge a single person with theft if I were on a jury.
Comment icon #10 Posted by pallidin 6 years ago
Abject financial distress can lead perfectly sound, law abiding individuals to see this as a "no harm" opportunity to enhance their otherwise impoverished life. It is illegal, of course, but I would not charge anyone. I think the authorities recognized this, because they have granted legal amnesty to anyone turning in the monies.
Comment icon #11 Posted by freetoroam 6 years ago
Oh boy how i wish i had been in the right place at the right time!!!
Comment icon #12 Posted by pallidin 6 years ago
Yeah, I would have picked-up a couple  sacks of cash, kept going, and murmuring "thank you God" And actually bring a decent dinner home to my family, and new school clothes for our children.
Comment icon #13 Posted by brlesq1 6 years ago
Would I give it back? Probably not...
Comment icon #14 Posted by JMPD1 6 years ago
Why the authorities should be looking for these fortunate motorists is a mystery to me. It seems they did nothing illegal. Contrary to what people are taught, although it is a "nice" thing to return found property, it is in no way a legal obligation to do so.

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