Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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World of the Bizarre

Man throws $200,000 fortune onto busy highway in Oregon

 VIDEO  4-18-2023 | 1

The peculiar stunt not only caused a literal cash grab among motorists, but also drained his family's entire bank account.

World of the Bizarre

Scammer steals man's money, then convinces him to set bank on fire

2-10-2023 | 5

The unfortunate victim not only lost his life savings but also managed to get himself arrested by the police.

Modern Mysteries

$1 billion of stolen Nazi cash may be in hidden bank account

6-29-2022 | 13

The hunt is now on for a bank account thought to contain over $1 billion stolen by the Nazis in the 1930s.


New cat-like sabre-tooth predator discovered

3-31-2022 | 0

This fearsome carnivore would have given even today's lions and tigers a run for their money.

Science & Technology

UK company develops working invisibility shield

 VIDEO  3-24-2022 | 8

Move over Harry Potter - one UK-based startup is about to give the iconic wizard's invisibility cloak a run for its money.

Science & Technology

Jeff Bezos' new startup company aims to cheat death

1-21-2022 | 23

The billionaire entrepreneur is channeling his money into an attempt to develop immortality technology.

World of the Bizarre

Artist steals money, calls theft 'work of art'

9-29-2021 | 4

An artist from Denmark did a runner with a museum's cash and then defined the incident itself as 'art'.

World of the Bizarre

Robber scatters cash, yells 'Merry Christmas!'

12-25-2019 | 6

A man with a white beard recently robbed a bank, threw the money in the air, then shouted 'Merry Christmas'.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Creepy 'haunted doll' sells on eBay for $5,600

10-29-2019 | 22

Some people are willing to spend extraordinary amounts of money for objects that they believe to be haunted.

World of the Bizarre

$30,000 in notes found strewn across highway

4-28-2019 | 15

Motorists in Grand Haven, Michigan couldn't believe their luck this week as they scrambled to pick up the cash.

World of the Bizarre

ATM-dwelling rat in India gobbles up $18,000

6-25-2018 | 6

A rat that managed to gain access to an ATM machine ended up gorging itself on a small fortune in notes.

Modern Mysteries

$42,000 found stuffed in priest's confessional

6-11-2018 | 7

The huge sum of money had been left by an anonymous benefactor in the confessional of a church in Rome.

World of the Bizarre

Armored truck spills $600,000 on to highway

5-6-2018 | 14

Stunned motorists discovered banknotes strewn across Interstate 70 in Indianapolis on Wednesday morning.

Nature & Environment

$379M pledged to help save Great Barrier Reef

4-30-2018 | 0

The Australian government has pledged a large sum of money in an effort to save the dying natural wonder.

World of the Bizarre

Real-life Santa posts money through doors

12-26-2017 | 4

One charitable individual decided to gift large wads of cash to dozens of houses in the West Midlands.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds flushed money in Geneva

9-19-2017 | 5

An unknown individual has been flushing thousands of euros down the toilet and nobody knows why.

World of the Bizarre

Man throws wads of cash off supermarket roof

 VIDEO  11-21-2016 | 14

An anonymous do-gooder sent shoppers in to a frenzy when he showered them with bank notes on Saturday.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery figure hiding $100 bills around Salem

7-14-2016 | 7

A mystery philanthropist known only as 'Benny' has been hiding $100 bills around town for people to find.

World of the Bizarre

Man sells bottles of air to smog-hit China

 VIDEO  2-6-2016 | 38

A British businessman has come up with a novel new way to make money by selling bottles of fresh air.

World of the Bizarre

Scottish 'Forrest Gump' runs over 18,000km

12-31-2015 | 5

Jamie Ramsay has spent 17 months running from North to South America to raise money for charity.

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