Friday, May 24, 2019
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Kentucky woman reports '7ft tall creature'

Posted on Thursday, 27 December, 2018 | Comment icon 30 comments

What type of creature did the couple encounter ? Image Credit: (PD)
The woman and her husband had been driving near Sandy Hook when they saw something in the road.
The report, which was submitted to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, describes how the couple had encountered a large bipedal creature just after 7:45pm on October 18th.

It was described as "very big in stature, thick legs, thick abdomen... at least 7ft tall" as well as being "the color of a tree, specifically the trees in that area, so like a grayish-brown, very earthy-tone."

The woman's husband, whose eyes were on the road at the time, saw only a "strange shadow".

Due to the mountainous nature of the area, the creature - whatever it was - must have descended a steep incline to reach the road and then dropped down another steep incline on the other side.

After the incident, the couple returned to the same location but couldn't find anything unusual.

"That night, the neighborhood dogs were behaving very strangely, barking and howling all night long," the woman added. "One of them even acted as if he could see something in the distance, and began to growl and stalk before he took off to chase it. It was a very weird night."

The full report can be found - here.

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Tags: Creature, Bigfoot

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #21 Posted by PrisonerX on 28 December, 2018, 2:16
"It was the color of a tree." According to the article, unless I missed something, that is her direct quote - which in no way is the same as saying  “She described it as a walking tree“.  A Sasquatch could easily be the color of a tree. For those that are not aware, bark comes in many colors. Matted brown hair could be described as "tree-like", for example.  Whatever the case may be, Sasquatch is real, and I honestly can't wait for a hoaxer to get shot dead for playing games.     
Comment icon #22 Posted by qxcontinuum on 28 December, 2018, 5:08
I am near 7 feet tall and fish in a camouflage suit. Hopefully one day I wont be killed as big foot :(
Comment icon #23 Posted by MrBene on 28 December, 2018, 5:52
To be honest 7 feet isn't that extraordinary. I believe some humans can be around 7 feet tall. I wonder how the witness measured how tall the "shadow" was. Is there any reference on the road? A 7 feet tree? 
Comment icon #24 Posted by Rlyeh on 28 December, 2018, 10:00
Because you're not a liar and you take the paranormal seriously it's verifiable? 
Comment icon #25 Posted by supervike on 3 January, 2019, 23:18
Not to pick nits, but if  BFRO took the report, it's theirs.  Maybe it's your encounter, but it's their report.   Also, i didn't see anyone making snide remarks about Kentucky...did i miss something?    
Comment icon #26 Posted by Carnoferox on 29 January, 2019, 1:07
Comment icon #27 Posted by the13bats on 29 January, 2019, 2:15
Thanks carnoferox for hooking me in i hadnt read this one yet, Pretty sweet we have the witness right here im sure ill get in trouble thought with my views on it but hey, thats what public forums are for exchanges of opinions and i do not ever try to sway any one. Well, it always sucks when a person or orginazation does what we feel is a slight, you seem angry i guess rightly so and a bit sensitive might not mix well with your dogman hobby since many find it more ridiculous than bigfoot, which im sure you are painfully aware of. ( im a pseudo skeptic ) As far as the sighting, its just another ... [More]
Comment icon #28 Posted by susieice on 29 January, 2019, 11:23
First time I saw this too. It doesn't seem the witness has been in since she saw this thread. All these sightings happen in seconds. Was just in another thread that said that too. How fast is this creature moving?
Comment icon #29 Posted by the13bats on 30 January, 2019, 2:54
So many of these alleged cases are like this, a few second glimpse of an unknown creature at unknown distant at unknown speed of both creature and witness, so it must be xxxxxx , no, you cant draw a conclusion from "unknown" no matter how much faith a true beliver has and no matter how sincere a person even to the point of anger at a person wanting Proof where there is none. Heres an example, years back over in Orlando we rescued some little baby ducks out in the road so we called and a wildlife rehabilitation center in bithlo was about 30 miles out in the country, tina is driving im navigatin... [More]
Comment icon #30 Posted by Carnoferox on 30 January, 2019, 3:01
@ParanormallyCorrect Do you have any further comments on this matter?

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