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Mars 'mushrooms' debate sparks controversy

By T.K. Randall
March 26, 2019 · Comment icon 30 comments

Could these spheres be evidence of life on Mars ? Image Credit: NASA
The claim that Curiosity has photographed fungi growing on Mars has been met with a high degree of skepticism.
The Red Planet is certainly no stranger to oddball conspiracy theories, however this latest one is a little bit different in that it actually has a microbiology study to back it up.

According to Dr Regina Dass of the department of microbiology at the School of Life Sciences, India, white spherical objects captured on camera by NASA's Curiosity rover could actually be evidence of 'mushrooms' growing on the Martian surface.

"There are no geological or other abiogenic forces on Earth which can produce sedimentary structures, by the hundreds, which have mushroom shapes, stems, stalks, and shed what looks like spores on the surrounding surface," she said.
"In fact, fifteen specimens were photographed by NASA growing out of the ground in just three days."

Unsurprisingly however the study's conclusions have been met with considerable skepticism, not least because the idea that mushrooms could be growing out in the open on Mars seems incredibly unlikely.

NASA has since commented by stating that the spherical objects are a mineral known as haematite.

Suffice to say, the likelihood that the above image shows evidence of alien life is practically nil.

Source: Yahoo! News | Comments (30)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #21 Posted by esoteric_toad 5 years ago
Doing a quick image search for things that might be related (rock formations that is) boggles the mind that all sorts of claims haven't been made about them, right here on earth. I'd provide a link but I really don't want people to thing I am THAT strange.
Comment icon #22 Posted by the13bats 5 years ago
Toad, i already know how strange you are...
Comment icon #23 Posted by qxcontinuum 5 years ago
So much BS ....  
Comment icon #24 Posted by NCC1701 5 years ago
Good for on the martian Pizza Funghi.
Comment icon #25 Posted by oldrover 5 years ago
Yeah, this is definitely true it's been reported in the Daily Mail. They have such exacting standards and journalistic integrity that I rely on them for everything.. I have to go now to check what does/doesn't give me cancer today. 
Comment icon #26 Posted by Piney 5 years ago
I miss my British tabloid Sunday Boobs.   
Comment icon #27 Posted by the13bats 5 years ago
scroll down past this story from another thread the next story is these alleged mushrooms again.
Comment icon #28 Posted by tmcom 5 years ago
NASA will never verify one of these as touching one to see if spores fly out, may damage the rovers robotic arm, and it only looks like spores because of the suns angle, and how the image is processed, and swamp gas, whether they cranked up the red filter usual reasons.
Comment icon #29 Posted by stereologist 5 years ago
These do look like concretions weathering out of the rock. Anyone that has been in a sandstone area knows that there are purplish spots int he rock. This is where the hematite has been concentrated and is forming crystals within the pore space of the rock. Sometimes these can become quite hard as we see in the photo of the concretion balls that have weathered out of the rock.  There are numerous ones that can be seen in the rocks west of Las Vegas in Red Rocks. There is a rock climb there called Lotta Balls in which you actually stand and pull on these balls sticking out of the wall. These ob... [More]
Comment icon #30 Posted by Piney 5 years ago
And the baby monitor ghost story. 

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