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Germany gripped by crossbow deaths mystery

By T.K. Randall
May 13, 2019 · Comment icon 15 comments

At least three of the victims were shot by a crossbow. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 4.0 Crossbowproductions
German police investigating three crossbow deaths have discovered two more bodies hundreds of miles away.
The peculiar incident began on Saturday when staff at a hotel in the picturesque Bavarian town of Passau on the German-Austrian border discovered three dead guests in one of the rooms.

The trio - a 33-year-old woman, a 53-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman - were all found impaled by crossbow bolts. The man and the 33-year-old women were found in the bed holding hands, while the other woman was found on the floor having seemingly been shot by a bolt through the chest.

Three crossbows in total were recovered from the scene.

Although at the time police did not believe that anyone else was involved, a search of the apartment of one of the women has since revealed the discovery of two more victims.
In a strange twist, the two incidents took place at opposite ends of the country - 645km apart.

Investigators are now attempting to identify the new victims so that a connection with the original trio can be established. It is currently unclear if they, too, were impaled by crossbow bolts.

As things stand, the exact nature of the five deaths remains a total mystery.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #6 Posted by and then 5 years ago
Yeah, all in all, if I had to be murdered I think I'd prefer a heavy caliber round to the base of the skull.  Just sayin'...
Comment icon #7 Posted by Alchopwn 5 years ago
I have solved the mystery.  Arrest JoergSprave.  He's German.  He has crossbows galore.  He's obviously a bit crazy.  If it wasn't Joerg, I'll bet he knows the person whodunit. The evidence against Joerg Sprave
Comment icon #8 Posted by RoofGardener 5 years ago
Hmm.. and how on EARTH did you "happen" to come across that Youtube channel ? Anything you'd like to tell us at this point ?
Comment icon #9 Posted by Alchopwn 5 years ago
I was looking up punt guns Punt gun in action and I came across Joerg.  As I had read about China's famous chu-ko-nu repeater crossbow, I was interested to see what Joerg had done.  Now he looks super guilty.  I admit that I am also intensely jealous of Joerg as I would like to own a crossbow or two, but presently can't justify the expense.
Comment icon #10 Posted by XenoFish 5 years ago
Comment icon #11 Posted by aztek 5 years ago
i was at county fair in NY several weeks ago, they had Gatling punt gun there, do not know who well it shot, but it looked like a work of art, handcrafted from wood, with a tripod, and it was a life size model, 
Comment icon #12 Posted by Alchopwn 5 years ago
FFS! A gatling punt gun?  Are we expecting swarms of velociraptors?
Comment icon #13 Posted by Hankenhunter 5 years ago
You MONSTER! Joerg is doing what every red blooded male would love to do. Obviously you haven't seen his skill saw blade crossbow at work. The man has no need for arrows (bolts). I applaud his insanity and disregard for personal safety. Thanks to him, I can now live vicariously through Joerg without fear of self discombobulation. The man is a national treasure. /why yes, I am a crossbow enthusiast. 
Comment icon #14 Posted by rashore 5 years ago
There was an update on this a few weeks ago. Police are thinking it might be a strange murder/suicide pact. Possible suicide pact in macabre crossbow murders:
Comment icon #15 Posted by and then 5 years ago
Wow... If I were suicidal, I think I could find an easier passage than being ambushed unawares by a crossbow bolt    Imagine the archer being a poor shot and getting that thing in the guts...

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