Saturday, December 7, 2019
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Hangovers are an 'illness', German court rules

Posted on Friday, 27 September, 2019 | Comment icon 22 comments

Anyone who drinks too much will become 'ill' the following morning. Image Credit:
A court dealing with a case against an anti-hangover drinks company has ruled that hangovers are an 'illness'.
The next time you drink too much and have to go in to work with a thumping headache the following morning, it should be fine to tell your boss that you are genuinely ill and should take the day off... that is, at least, according to the verdict of a recent court case in Frankfurt, Germany.

The case had involved an unnamed company that had been making allegedly illegal health claims about its anti-hangover shots and drink powders.
Food and drink cannot be marketed as a treatment for illness, the court ruled.

"Information about a food product cannot ascribe any properties for preventing, treating or healing a human illness or give the impression of such a property," the ruling stated.

"By an illness, one should understand even small or temporary disruptions to the normal state or normal activity of the body."

Source: BBC News | Comments (22)

Tags: Hangover, Drink

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #13 Posted by acute on 27 September, 2019, 13:15
I am planning to be very ill tomorrow.
Comment icon #14 Posted by DieChecker on 27 September, 2019, 16:14
So no food, or drink, can claim to help any illness... at all? Gluten free food comes to mind. As well as products with no tree nuts. Eating vegan, or any one of dozens of other diets, are supposed to provide various benefits. Can we sue now if they make any claims at all??
Comment icon #15 Posted by Stiff on 27 September, 2019, 16:52
Yep, and I'll be ill on Sunday 
Comment icon #16 Posted by lightly on 27 September, 2019, 18:56
I was sick, numb, or  semi to Un concious for 20+ years.   I miss it             WHISKEY   
Comment icon #17 Posted by Herr Falukorv on 27 September, 2019, 21:15
Not me either,,, She is very friendly
Comment icon #18 Posted by Hammerclaw on 27 September, 2019, 21:16
Yeah, warm and sweet.
Comment icon #19 Posted by Not Your Huckleberry on 27 September, 2019, 21:47
By the way, a hangover is as much an illness as alcoholism is a disease. 
Comment icon #20 Posted by Troublehalf on 27 September, 2019, 22:37
I'm not sure if you missed it, but it specifically states that 'Food And Drink' cannot claim to improve your health. Toothpaste and antiperspirants, to the best of my knowledge, are not 'Food And Drink'. I would assume, but am not sure, that as long as the packaging of the 'vegan food' or whatever does not say 'Will improve your health and you won't get cancer' or so on, it is fine. So, no, you can't sue. The reason this was a case is they claimed that drinking the product would cure their hangover. The company then would have said 'Well, hangover isn't an illness, so your law doesn't apply' a... [More]
Comment icon #21 Posted by Bella-Angelique on 28 September, 2019, 11:35
Oh I did not miss it. THIS - "In its ruling, the court said illnesses included even small or temporary changes to the body's normal state." That is called setting Legal Precedent  and all attorneys around the world use it when their courts make it.  Get the joke now?
Comment icon #22 Posted by highdesert50 on 28 September, 2019, 13:50
Perhaps a step in the right direction bringing some visibility. WHO estimates that as of 2010 there were 208 million people with alcoholism worldwide  or 4.1% of the population over 15 years of age. Consider too, that alcoholism is a risk factor for suicide.

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