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'Expedition Bigfoot' reveals new video evidence

By T.K. Randall
December 11, 2019 · Comment icon 51 comments

Did the team record footage of Bigfoot, or something else ? Image Credit: Facebook / Travel Channel
A team of TV Bigfoot hunters have released a video clip of an unidentified creature picked up on thermal camera.
The new Travel Channel series, which premiered on December 8th, follows the efforts of a Bigfoot investigation team as they search for evidence in a 90,000-acre 'hot zone' in central Oregon.

The group consists of actor and producer Bryce Johnson, veteran primatologist Mireya Mayor and Bigfoot researchers Ronny LeBlanc and Russell Acord.

During filming for the first episode, they managed to capture thermal footage of a sizable creature moving around in the distance, although it is impossible to say for sure what it could be.

"When we were in the field, we were able to capture something on video that fits [the description of a large ape]," said Mayor. "Very big and moving in an apelike - if not bipedal - fashion."
"That, to me, is probably the most compelling piece of evidence that I've seen so far."

She also showed the footage to another primatologist who was similarly impressed by it.

"When he saw the footage, he was completely blown away," she said.

"[He] agreed with me that something apelike was far from its home."

Source: Fox News | Comments (51)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #42 Posted by Myles 5 years ago
Totally agree.   I can find a hair of my daughter if she sleeps on the couch.   Imagine prickly sticks as the bedding for an 8 foot creature totally covered in hair.    A real nest would be a gold mine.  Urine, hair and scat would be all over the place. 
Comment icon #43 Posted by Trelane 5 years ago
Again, there is nothing in the fossil record of the alleged creature.
Comment icon #44 Posted by CWe 5 years ago
Tempted to click the link but it's probably just blurry footage from 1,000 feet away
Comment icon #45 Posted by Gilbert Syndrome 5 years ago
Oh, you can probably bet on a second series of this complete swollocks, and maybe even a third or fourth. What you can't bet on, though, is them actually finding a Sasquatch. 
Comment icon #46 Posted by Trelane 5 years ago
Watched two episodes and that was more than enough. Complete nonsense and a waste of time.
Comment icon #47 Posted by astrobeing 5 years ago
"...they managed to capture thermal footage of a sizable creature moving around in the distance, although it is impossible to say for sure what it could be." Yeah, they even say it's not worth watching. 
Comment icon #48 Posted by tortugabob 5 years ago
Well spoken Trelane. Total nothing-burger made of soybeans.
Comment icon #49 Posted by Myles 5 years ago
Maybe not that bad.
Comment icon #50 Posted by ocpaul20 5 years ago
I think there are HUGE holes in their investigations, such as returning to camp when they are still hot on the trail(supposedly). The tracker guy should be tracking back to the source etc but I think from watching the snippits in the opening credits, they find a cave... As others have said, there should be hairs found if it was a real nest and if they had really bothered to look for evidence. Shame on them for not being true to their goals. But..I suppose you have to follow what the money wants.
Comment icon #51 Posted by Alchopwn 5 years ago
Monty Python discovered Bigfoot:

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