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The UFO Phenomenon

61% of Americans want full UFO disclosure

By T.K. Randall
February 12, 2020 · Comment icon 95 comments

What are your thoughts on UFOs ? Image Credit: PD - Max Pixel
A new poll has revealed what Americans really think about UFOs, Area 51 and government cover-ups.
Last month we reported that the UK's Royal Air Force (RAF) would be making its UFO files public - news that has since been met with a great deal of interest on both sides of the pond.

Now a new poll conducted by market research site Pipilsay has highlighted what Americans really think about the topic of UFOs and the possibility that the government knows more than it is letting on.

50% of respondents were enthusiastic about the news of the UK's X-Files being published, while 34% believed that it would "create unnecessary madness". In total, around 61% of respondents said that they wanted the US government to take similar steps to declassify information about UFOs.

58% of those polled thought that the government had been secretly investigating alien life and 39% believed that Area 51 in Nevada had been heavily involved in this research.
On the subject of UFOs in general, 27% of respondents said that they are 'real' (presumably meaning that they believe them to be alien in origin), 25% said that the phenomenon can be explained through conventional means and 9% thought that the whole thing is one big hoax.

77% even claimed to have seen a UFO with their own eyes.

A parallel survey conducted in the UK found that 60% were excited about the UFO files being published, however only 23% believed UFOs to be alien in origin.

Despite this, slightly more - 78% - claimed to have seen a UFO in person.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #86 Posted by WanderingFool0 4 years ago
Well, we can agree to disagree. I think at the end of the day national security is often invoked and many of those agents will willing keep the secret for the good of the nation and the people and if they don't they will dealt with. And i think they are cleverer than you think. After all they often use incompentency as a cover for corruption and out right treason. Much like 9/11. You can believe the intelligence agencies were incompetent and dropped the ball because they don't really talk to each other, but I will continue to believe that incompetence is covering for the fact they damn well kn... [More]
Comment icon #87 Posted by Habitat 4 years ago
There is public will for matters of national security to involve secrecy, there being potentially enemies of the state, that information needs to be hidden from. That there would be widespread public will to make a secret out of proof of the existence of alien spacecraft, of a kind currently not in the public domain, is vastly less likely. The clamour is in the other direction.
Comment icon #88 Posted by WanderingFool0 4 years ago
Yes but the government gets to decide what is a matter of national security, not the public I would also add, not even all of congress is privy to all the matter of national security only those on special panels. And of those only what they are told.  
Comment icon #89 Posted by Habitat 4 years ago
The gubmint and the public are intersecting sets. As I say, where there is no apparent need for secrecy, and huge public demand for disclosure, leaking is inevitable. The leaker would become a pop hero. I am quite convinced there are inexplicable UFO's, I am not convinced anyone has the scoop on what they are.
Comment icon #90 Posted by WanderingFool0 4 years ago
i think Eisenhower and I would disagree. I don't think the public government, has much real knowledge and control over the military/industrial/intelligence complex.
Comment icon #91 Posted by Habitat 4 years ago
You think they have control over UFO's. I don't think anyone has a bead on the phenomenon. I tend to think they are a manifestation of something we can't even imagine. Otherwise capture (of some convincing kind) would already have occurred, and be in the public domain. It is just too big to conceal.
Comment icon #92 Posted by preacherman76 4 years ago
I’m not saying the government has ever had contact or anything like that, but I have little doubt they know more than us about UFO’s.    I think the idea that the government is incapable of keeping secrets isn’t well thought out. 
Comment icon #93 Posted by LeonKennedy 4 years ago
There's been plenty of well documented cases in modern history to prove the existence of atleast other beings that we don't quite know where they come from. People who've had real experiences and even have PTSD from them. It's selfish of you and demeaning for you to downplay those very real experiences.  Who are you to take that away from them just because YOU decided they don't fit into your bubble of existence? Try getting out of that bubble one day,  you might realize the world isn't as black and white as you see it. Or who knows.... ignorance is bliss as they say. 
Comment icon #94 Posted by Nuclear Wessel 4 years ago
Well, where are they, then? I have yet to encounter a single "case" that didn't have a more logical, rational explanation for it. Surely you can't be serious in your assertion that these are "proof" of the existence of "other beings of unknown origin".   I don't think he is denying that people have had experiences that resulted in PTSD, rather downplaying the contents of the experience as not being real... which they were not. No verifiable evidence has ever been produced that did not have a terrestrial explanation.  I don't think he sees it as black and white, and he was offering a rational... [More]
Comment icon #95 Posted by Timothy 4 years ago
If most governments had any technology like that, they would never release it, and would try to reverse engineer it. Too much risk to release into public domain. 

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