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Mystery object plummets from the sky over UK

By T.K. Randall
April 18, 2020 · Comment icon 6 comments

Could it have come from space ? (see actual photos below) Image Credit: RafaelMousob / Pixabay
A bright fireball was spotted spiralling down from the heavens over the Cambridgeshire area earlier this week.
The impressive spectacle, which appeared like a large ball of flame streaking across the sky, was photographed by local resident Gerry Underwood who had been outside with his partner at the time.

"It looked like a very thick chemtrail to start with," he said. "It looked like a short, skinny cloud."

"It wasn't moving quickly at all. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a meteorite because they are gone in seconds. We have seen hundreds of shooting stars but this definitely wasn't that either."

"This was coming down very slowly and spiralling. It started to glow orange as you can see in the pictures. There were flames coming out of the back of it as well. It was really unusual."

The phenomenon was spotted by several other witnesses as well.
"I saw the same event," said Nigel Sullivan from Leicestershire. "I saw an object passing completely through the cloud formation on Wednesday evening."

Possible explanations for the sightings vary from the contrails of an aircraft illuminated by the Sun to a meteor or piece of space junk burning up as it re-enters the atmosphere.

"The sheer size of it is what's got me," said Underwood. "When you look at the pictures, they show the trees in the foreground and it's way beyond that, it was very big."

"It landed beyond the horizon, that's how big it was - we couldn't see it land."

Source: Lad Bible | Comments (6)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by stereologist 4 years ago
Sounds like space junk if it was falling as claimed. We have to remember that objects moving away form us move towards the horizon. If the object is moving without changing altitude it moves towards the horizon. It could be going up or down but it still moves towards the horizon. The interpretation of the witness that it was falling is what is expected regardless of the direction the object took. It might have been a rocket launch. It might be falling space junk. It might have been a plane. This is from the link. Anyone thinking chemtrail is already a suspect witness as far as I am concerned. ... [More]
Comment icon #2 Posted by MissJatti 4 years ago
Jesus Superman has come to save us!!
Comment icon #3 Posted by ExoPaul 4 years ago
Pretty sure that is just an aircraft. For some reason when you get a sunrise or sunset they look a lot bigger than normal. They are impressive to see, but nothing out of the ordinary.
Comment icon #4 Posted by Susanc241 4 years ago
I have seen an explanation that it is a contrail from a cargo plane known to be flying in that area at the time. The setting sun, and winds at different levels cause the spiral effect and red glow.
Comment icon #5 Posted by I'mConvinced 4 years ago
Hands up sorry, it was me in my homemade rocket. Just checking that the Earth is still flat. Can confirm it is, over and out. 
Comment icon #6 Posted by Essan 4 years ago
Yes, as Susanc241 rightly points out, it was an aircraft contrail lit up by the setting sun (and very obviously so) How soon folk forget what used to be a common sight!

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