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Space & Astronomy

Bright green fireball illuminates night sky over Turkey

9-10-2023 | 1

One witness managed to film the blazing fireball as it lit up the night sky in spectacular fashion on September 2nd.

Space & Astronomy

Fireball produces sonic boom over Japan

 VIDEO  7-5-2020 | 4

A space rock created quite the spectacle when it lit up the night sky above Japan's Kanto region recently.

The UFO Phenomenon

Mystery object plummets from the sky over UK

4-18-2020 | 6

A bright fireball was spotted spiralling down from the heavens over the Cambridgeshire area earlier this week.

Space & Astronomy

Exploding meteor captured on doorbell camera

 VIDEO  2-4-2020 | 7

A doorbell cam in Derby, England captured the moment a meteor spectacularly exploded in the night sky.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO filmed dropping 'fireballs' over Arizona

 VIDEO  12-12-2019 | 25

A couple from Mesa recently recorded footage of a mysterious object dropping glowing orbs over the city.

The UFO Phenomenon

Large fireball UFO filmed over North Carolina

 VIDEO  12-4-2019 | 10

This large glowing object was spotted moving across the sky while intersecting the path of a passing airplane.

Space & Astronomy

Fireball may have been an orbiting 'minimoon'

12-2-2019 | 3

Scientists have discovered new evidence of a temporary moon burning up in the Earth's atmosphere.

Modern Mysteries

Chile's mystery fireball 'was not a meteorite'

10-5-2019 | 12

Scientists have been struggling to explain a series of fires sparked by an object that fell over Chile recently.

Space & Astronomy

Spectacular fireball explodes over Siberia

 VIDEO  4-11-2019 | 3

Russia has seen more than its fair share of space rocks exploding in the Earth's atmosphere in recent months.

Space & Astronomy

Huge fireball exploded in Earth's atmosphere

3-18-2019 | 5

The blast, which occurred in December over the Bering Sea, went largely unnoticed due to its remote location.

Space & Astronomy

Green fireball lights up the sky over Russia

 VIDEO  11-30-2018 | 9

The spectacular phenomenon was captured on film over the Russian city of Novosibirsk in Western Siberia.

Space & Astronomy

Fireball lights up the night sky over Finland

 VIDEO  11-18-2017 | 3

A time-lapse camera captured the moment an intense fireball streaked across the sky over Lapland.

Space & Astronomy

Blue fireball lights up the sky over Sweden

 VIDEO  3-21-2017 | 4

People from several towns across the country reported witnessing the spectacle at 9:30pm on Monday night.

The UFO Phenomenon

Green fireball caught on camera over Japan

11-2-2016 | 15

The bright green object made headline news after it was spotted flashing across the sky in eastern Japan.

Space & Astronomy

Large fireball explodes over the Atlantic

2-23-2016 | 16

The event, which released the energy equivalent to 13,000 tons of TNT, went practically unnoticed.

The UFO Phenomenon

Mystery fireball explodes over Bangkok

 VIDEO  9-7-2015 | 31

Dashcam footage has revealed the moment a fireball lit up the sky over Thailand on Monday morning.

The UFO Phenomenon

Fireball UFO sighted over South America

1-30-2015 | 20

The strange burning object was sighted by multiple witnesses across two countries earlier this month.

The UFO Phenomenon

Fireball 'UFO' filmed over California

 VIDEO  1-9-2015 | 58

Ken Roberts had been driving home when he witnessed something unusual shooting across the sky.

The UFO Phenomenon

Schoolgirl films dancing fireball in the sky

 VIDEO  6-5-2014 | 79

11-year-old Katie Real and her sister Macie spotted something unusual from their upstairs window.

Space & Astronomy

Fireball planet orbits star in 8.5 hours

8-20-2013 | 11

A newly discovered Earth-sized world around a distant star completes a full orbit in a matter of hours.

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