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Large fireball UFO filmed over North Carolina

By T.K. Randall
December 4, 2019 · Comment icon 10 comments

A still from the footage (which can be viewed below). Image Credit: YouTube / Kymberleigh Jordan
This large glowing object was spotted moving across the sky while intersecting the path of a passing airplane.
The footage was recorded by Kymberleigh Jordan who posted it up on YouTube on October 28th to ask if anyone had any idea what the unidentified object could be.

"Saw this on a drive in South Carolina," she wrote. "I have never seen anything like it before and would really like to know if anyone else knows what this is? I've seen falling stars, and they light up and disappear really fast. This object was moving, but barely."

"You can't even tell it is moving in this video but it was moving downward very slowly. "
One of the most interesting things about the footage is that it also shows an airplane passing directly in front (or behind?) the unexplained object just after the 55-second mark on the video.

Several people have offered their own interpretations, with some suggesting that the object could be a comet or meteorite while others believe that it is more likely to be a rocket launch.

One person even suggested that the plane was there because it had been sent to investigate.

You can check out the video for yourself below - what do you think the object is ?

Source: Charlotte Observer | Comments (10)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Robotic Jew 4 years ago
Nature is amazing. No idea what this is but I wouldn't put my money on slow moving alien spacecraft joyriding at sunset. 
Comment icon #2 Posted by stereologist 4 years ago
It is moving too slow to be anything from space. It could be a plane. The apparent size of the contrail is dependent on the shape and the angle at which it is viewed. An important thing to understand is that all objects moving away from you appear to head towards the horizon line. Objects below appear to rise while objects above the horizon line appear to move downward.
Comment icon #3 Posted by The Wistman 4 years ago
Looks like the Necromongers to me. Call Riddick.
Comment icon #4 Posted by Jon the frog 4 years ago
it's a plane.. just a plane...
Comment icon #5 Posted by Seti42 4 years ago
Agreed. It looks to me like two contrails appearing to cross because of the position of the viewer who shot the video. (Stop holding your phones vertically when you shoot video, please. Sorry, I just hate that.) The 'slower' one also only looks slower because of perspective, ie: it's probably coming towards the viewer.
Comment icon #6 Posted by eddword 4 years ago
I believe it is a rocket launch and the angle is from directly below the rocket that is headed in an upward flight path. That is why it appears to be moving slowly. Also the jet that looks like it is crossing it's path is actually many miles below the rockets path. Move along nothing to see here.
Comment icon #7 Posted by stereologist 4 years ago
If this was a lauch it might have been the following from Wallops Island in VA.  
Comment icon #8 Posted by AllPossible 4 years ago
I want to see the video from that aircraft whether it was commercial or military Im sure they got a better glimpse then us. It looked like a ICBM frozen in time
Comment icon #9 Posted by DieChecker 4 years ago
Looks like a regular contrail to me. It appears to be dusk, so it looks like a fireball.  Contrails will seem move less the further away they are.
Comment icon #10 Posted by MissJatti 4 years ago
Look like a big space debri 

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