Thursday, December 3, 2020
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How would mankind handle an alien invasion ?

Posted on Monday, 1 June, 2020 | Comment icon 39 comments

'War of the Worlds' depicts one potential alien invasion scenario. Image Credit: Henrique Alvim Correa
There are distinct similarities between the coronavirus pandemic and a potential extraterrestrial threat.
There's no denying that the threat posed by Covid-19 is unprecedented in the modern age.

This invisible killer - indiscriminate in whose lives it takes - is a global threat, impacting the lives of people all across the world, no matter their spiritual, philosophical or political views or alignments.

In many ways it is the closest thing we have ever faced to an actual alien invasion - a threat to our very existence that has required us to pool together our resources and efforts.

The virus doesn't care what race you are, what you believe or where you come from and neither would an extraterrestrial invader.
Former US President Ronald Reagan once famously said - "I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world."

Sadly, in the case of the coronavirus, this hasn't happened. Squabbling, finger-pointing and conflicting approaches have marred the global response effort and made the situation worse than it needed to be. Mankind has tried to unite in its response to the virus, but it hasn't quite worked out as it should.

So in the event of an alien attack, would we all be able to pull together ? Would mankind be able to put on a united front against a common enemy like in the movie Independence Day ?

Sadly, based on what we've seen so far, it's difficult to believe that it would.

Source: Psychology Today | Comments (39)

Tags: Alien, Coronavirus

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #30 Posted by SKINWALKER19 on 3 June, 2020, 11:47
David Wilcock via his channel again stated on his latest upload that a false ET invasion is a tactic being reserved for use on the US populous via the DeepState . David Icke has also stated the same narrative. Before †the lambasting of both individuals begins , why has YouTube taken down Ickes †channel that had hundreds of hours of content on many different subject matter , spouting †alternative Covid 19 narratives obviously , freedom of thought isnít allowed on YouTube obviously. Regarding Wilcock , he and his wife supply meditation on the channel and his books are NewYork Ti... [More]
Comment icon #31 Posted by Myles on 3 June, 2020, 12:30
I don't believe that at all.† †Movies are made to make money.† † How about Close Encounters?† ET?† Many other movies that are not "evil".†† I think it all depends on the circumstances.† †Since you like the movie references, Independence Day.† We would be extremely curious and friendly until they got violent.††
Comment icon #32 Posted by jbondo on 3 June, 2020, 16:30
The movie 'The Fifth Wave' is a similar scenario, although, on top of using a virus the aliens in that use tidal waves, earthquakes, well. Still, in my estimation, a virus is all that's needed.
Comment icon #33 Posted by Coil on 4 June, 2020, 7:08
This is just one of the first ones where they were shown friendly and then the militants went and ruined everything. † Such films form the stereotype of the enemy because people come up with the idea that they are initially conquerors and impose this idea in us, which means that we transfer our aggressive desires to other even extraterrestrial beings. The Universe is a completely different level. There is harmony and not such destructive thoughts. Robert Monroe wrote in his book that itís hard for sensitive aliens on our earth because the mental noise and disorder in people's heads creates suc... [More]
Comment icon #34 Posted by Hazzard on 5 June, 2020, 10:12
† I found this one by Seth Shostak, American astronomer and author, quite interesting... He is currently the senior astronomer for the SETI institute†. Alien Vs. Predator: What's Really Out There
Comment icon #35 Posted by Coil on 6 June, 2020, 8:11
From your link: But of course, for an intelligent species with technology capable of interstellar travel, predation is oh-so Stone Age. Even today, humans (who are a long way from being able to make sporting trips to other star systems) don't rely on predation much. We farm our food, and soon we'll manufacture it. Killing just for the fun of it, as the Predators do, is no longer considered socially acceptable in most circles. People like fights, therefore such films are popular but film producers should not follow the crowd, they should show films where a personís nobility is shown, his moral ... [More]
Comment icon #36 Posted by Captain Risky on 7 June, 2020, 20:47
Mankind can't even handle a common fight against coronavirus... i don't really fancy our chances against any intergalactic invading force. We're toast!
Comment icon #37 Posted by Sir Wearer of Hats on 7 June, 2020, 21:11
Why would anyone want to invade? There are no unique resources (unless stupidity is a resource) to be found here that is not found in abundance in other parts of the solar system.
Comment icon #38 Posted by the13bats on 7 June, 2020, 21:17
Wrong! Fake news! Obamas fault, Trump did a very quick, early epic response to covid19 saving many lives and he would do just as bigly great if Martians invaded, he would call out the military and while hiding in his basement tear gas those evil aliens back to whatever intergalactic ghetto they came out of.
Comment icon #39 Posted by Captain Risky on 7 June, 2020, 23:55
Yeah the world owes him lots.

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